Meditech Software Formats

Zebra's wristband offerings are configured to work with Meditech Software formats. For HC100 thermal printed wristband formats, choose the HC100 Tab. For Laserband laser generated wristbands users, please choose the Laserband tab. For additional information on HC100 printer setups and configurations, please choose the manual tab or click on one of the links below:

HC100 Printer Setup and Configuration in a Meditech Environment

Overriding RTI Printer Command for TableTops and DeskTops in Laboratory for Meditech Environment

A quick note about Laserband configurations with Meditech Magic
As a current Meditech Magic user, simply click on the attachment below to access the NPR report for the LaserBand wristband of your choice. Then upload the NPR report to your system to print.
To test the NPR report prior to using actual LaserBand product samples, download and print the product form PDF to the right of the selected NPR report. Use the printed form as a substitute for the actual product.
*Note, when printing the product form samples to test the NPR report formatting; make sure the "Page Scaling" option under "Page Handling" in your print settings is set to "None". Otherwise, your product form may print with a border. If this happens, when you test the NPR report, it won't line-up correctly.






Client Server

  • LB2-L3-Family

     Download 5 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Meditech Client Server 6.x
  • LB2-Adult-L3

     Download 4 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Meditech Client Server 6.x
  • LB2-Adult-L3S

     Download 6 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Meditech Client Server 6.x
  • HC100 Patient I.D. Solution Quick Reference Guide (en)


    Download 2 MB
  • Zebra HC100™ Wristband Printer User Guide

    61207L-003 rev. A

    Download 3 MB