ZebraCare Services

Protecting your customer’s investment!

Zebra printers deliver exceptional performance, reliability and value for money. To ensure users get the very best from their Zebra printer, ZebraCare Services have been developed to deliver a range of maintenance and repair support options.

All ZebraCare Services cover the labour, spare parts and preventative maintenance (and, where applicable, printheads and transport) necessary to bring your customer’s printer back to full operation.

With ZebraCare you have a choice of three solutions:

  • Return to Depot Service
  • On Site Service (available in UK and Ireland only)
  • Fixed-price repair

How to ... order a ZebraCare Service Agreement

  • Choose which options you need and use the price list to work out the ZebraCare part number and price.
  • Collect the Serial Numbers of the printers to be put under the Agreement.
  • Sign the Agreement and complete the Service Order Form and send it to ZebraCareEMEA@zebra.com.
  • Attach to the email your invoice to your customer or another proof of delivery.
  • You will receive an order acknowledgement within 24 hours and then the Agreement Certificate and Invoice during the following week.
  • The Agreement is effective when signed by Zebra.

How to…order a repair to a printer

  • Get the printer serial number.
  • Get a description of the problem.
  • If the printer is under contract, get the ZebraCare Service Agreement number.
  • Complete the Repair Order Request Form and send it to ZebraCareEMEA@zebra.com.
  • You will receive an order acknowledgement and instructions what to do next within 24 hours.

Note: these instructions apply in all circumstances, whether the printer is within warranty, under contract, or is not part of a contract.

For further information read out ZebraCare brochure or contact the After Sales Costomer Service Team oh +44 (0)1772 693 069.

Purchase a ZebraCare Service Agreement with your order for Zebra printers, or within 1 month of printer purchase, and automatically receive a 15% discount off the Annual Agreement Price.