Companies increasingly depend on connecting in real-time to customers, field workers, store associates and their supply chain to drive increases in productivity, efficiency, asset utilization, customer loyalty, and ultimately, revenues.

Given the growth of the mobile workforce and the transformational opportunities that exist with Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, companies are turning to partners more than ever to help define a mobility strategy that reduces risk, contains cost and ensures business continuity.

Zebra Services leverages a portfolio of offerings aligned to the way our customers consume technology. Our professional service organization will PLAN and design your mobile strategy to fit current and future needs. We can help you IMPLEMENT new networks, devices, and applications that add functionality and capabilities to your existing systems.

We can help you ADOPT the technology by providing effective training tools for your employees allowing you to increase the return on your investment. Finally, our team can help you RUN your mobility operations to reduce downtime, improve value and productivity, and provide access to an advanced level of technical and repair service.


A carefully designed plan helps you stay on track to achieve a solution that delivers today as well as in the future. We can help you develop a strategic plan for your technology investments with offerings that include Assessments, Benchmarks, Visioning Events, Operational Pilots and Training.


We can manage your Android transition with application services, including design reviews, code development, application porting or testing, as well as integrate your entire communications system from networks to devices to applications using our Six-Sigma program management team.


In addition to our world-class operations centers, service response teams and technical specialists, the Zebra Asset Visibility Platform delivers real-time asset health and location information, customized dashboards and predictive analytics resulting in actionable insights and predictable business outcomes.


Effective training allows you to increase the return on your Zebra investment, and accelerate the user’s adoption of your technology or solution. The Zebra Knowledge Center provides learning expertise that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your environment.