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RFD2000 Handheld UHF RFID Sled

High-Performance UHF RFID for Zebra’s TC20 Mobile Computer

If you have invested in Zebra’s TC20 mobile computer, now you can simply slip the TC20 into the RFD2000 sled to add powerful UHF RFID capabilities. Purpose-built for the TC20, the RFD2000 delivers the same robust RFID performance you expect in a dedicated device — you no longer need to compromise performance for the flexibility to add and remove RFID as needed. The result is a winning combination — a complete retail solution that makes stock management, superior shopper interactions and assisted selling a breeze.

Extend the Functionality of Your RFID Device
  • Superior Ergonomics

    The RFD2000 was built with shop associates and shoppers in mind. Superior ergonomics and a compact, lightweight design bring comfort, even to stock management tasks. And, the modern design fits right into shopper-facing areas, even in the most design-conscious shops.

  • Three Flexible Modes

    Geiger-counter mode makes it easy to locate items for a shopper in minutes. Triggerless mode enables the continual capture of RFID tags, without the trigger, for fast, easy and comfortable stock and cycle counts. And, the ability to write barcode data to RFID tags simplifies omni-channel stock visibility and provides seamless flexibility for many in-shop applications.

  • Easy On, Easy Off

    The RFD2000 sled is easy to slip on and off the TC20 whenever there is a task requiring RFID. And, while the RFD2000 holds the TC20 securely in place, in seconds you can slip the RFD2000 off and return the TC20 to its natural compact and pocketable size.

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Zebra RFD2000 UHF RFID Sled


Superior Battery Power, Management

With the RFD2000 sled, your workers can count on full-shift power, even with the most intensive use. You get the longest battery life in this class, plus our unique power-optimising battery technology and premium high-grade capacity cells. And with Zebra’s PowerPrecision removable battery, you get the advanced battery statistics you need to monitor battery health — and easily spot and remove ageing batteries that can no longer hold a full charge.

  • Fastest Read Rate

    More than 700 tags per second

  • Weight

    About 10.9 oz./310 grammes (sled with battery)

  • Nominal Read Range

    About 19.7 ft./ 6 m

  • Power

    PowerPrecision Li-Ion 3160 mAh battery

  • Drop Specifications

    Multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drop to concrete at room temperature

  • Support

    Get product manuals, articles and other information about our RFID anntennas via our searchable support portal.

    RFD2000 Support

  • Zebra TC20

    Pairing the RFD2000 UHF RFID sled with Zebra’s TC20 mobile computers creates a complete retail solution.

    TC20 Mobile Computer

  • Software

    Our RFID development, demonstration and production software and utilities help you manage your RFID deployments.

    RFID Software

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