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RFID Antennas

Sensing Retail Appliance



Zebra SmartLens Gen Ll for Retail Sensors
Zebra SmartLens for Retail is a multi-faceted solution that provides retailers with the ability to sense, analyse and take the right real-time actions to increase sales, enable successful omnichannel operations and reduce operational costs. The foundation of this ground-breaking solution is the family of sensors that automatically sense and record the location and movement of merchandise and assets throughout the retail store. These overhead RFID sensors are designed for different areas of your store, including the backroom, exit/entry points, the sales floor, and Point of Sale (POS).

Benefits of the SN5604

All-in-One Integrated Antenna
All-in-One Integrated Antenna

Everything you need is already integrated inside the housing, pre-configured and ready to go. Just mount on the ceiling or on a wall for fast and easy deployment.

Mix and Match Antenna Combinations
Mix and Match Antenna Combinations

Zebra’s advanced pre-engineered ready-to-use RFID antenna is designed to meet specific needs in challenging areas—such as backrooms and warehouse aisles or aisles and will-call areas that require merchandise visibility.

Plug-and-Play Simple Deployment
Plug-and-Play Simple Deployment

Get everything you need, including a pre-configured antenna, plus RF cable and mounting brackets. Just mount the hardware in the appropriate area, plug it in to your RFID reader and you’re ready to start capturing inventory information.

Additional Software Features

123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software
123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software

123RFID fixed RFID reader deployment software from Zebra will increase your profitability by reducing deployment and optimization time from weeks to days.


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