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Zebra ZBR4005 RFID Inlay

Advanced Zebra-branded inlay with high-memory

RFID inlays are critical to achieve the real-time visibility needed to streamline operations, minimize errors in asset-related data, as well as track, identify and maximize asset utilization. Designed by Zebra, one of the global leaders in RFID, ZBR4005 RFID inlays deliver excellent performance for your manufacturing, transportation and logistics applications that require expanded memory, the need to be read from nearly any angle and strong performance when placed on or near challenging materials. ZBR4005 uses a high sensitivity chipset to ensure a long-read range. ZBR4005 inlays are designed and tested for optimal performance with Zebra printers and RFID readers, enabling you to maximize the benefits of RFID in your enterprise.

Zebra ZBR4005 RFID Inlay Label

High sensitivity for longer read ranges

Designed with a high sensitivity Monza M4E chipset, ZBR4005 inlays deliver read ranges up to 13 m.

Inlay Design that is Optimized for Use at Any Angle

Strong performance when the inlay is perpendicular to the reading antenna which is important with fixed reader infrastructure.

Excellent Read Range When Placed on or Near Challenging Materials

Our Voyantic testing shows strong theoretical read ranges on various surfaces.

With expanded EPC and User Memory you can Store More Data

Our ZBR4005 offers 496-bit EPC memory and 128-bit User Memory allowing you to encode more information.

Print Confident. Print Quality. Print Zebra Certified Supplies

Zebra employs ISO 9001 quality processes to reduce instances of unsuccessful encoding. We pre-test labels with Zebra readers and printers to ensure industry-leading performance. And, we offer you the latest generation of chips and consistent label materials from order-to-order to deliver reliable, quality RFID tags. 

Custom RFID labeling solutions

With our state-of-the-art presses and RFID manufacturing equipment, we can create a customized RFID labeling solution to meet the unique requirements of your application. And we can quickly recommend the optimal label material and inlay to achieve maximum ROI.

Unmatched expertise in RFID

Zebra is your trusted expert in all things RFID. We offer end-to-end RFID solutions – including pre-tested RFID labels made with the right materials and adhesives, along with the highest-performing inlays and chips – customized for your application. We have played a central role in pioneering RFID technologies and defining global standards since the mid-1990’s when smart-label technology first appeared. We hold more than 575 RFID patents and numerous industry firsts in RFID.

ZBR4005 RFID Inlay Compatible Icons:  Rain RFID

Maximize the benefits of RFID in your enterprise with ZBR4005 advanced, high-memory RFID inlays.

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Technical Information


Monza M4E
EPC memory496 bit
User memory128 bit
TID96 bit factory locked (48 bit unique)
Read Sensitivity-19.5dBM
Write Sensitivity-16.7dBm
RFID StandardsEPC Gen2v2
Read RangeUp to 13 m in free space

Theoretical Read Range: ETSI (865-868 MHz)*

Air8 m
Cardboard10 m
Fiberglass12 m
Glass10 m
PTFE12 m
Polyacetyl12 m
PVC12 m
Rubber10 m

Theoretical Read Range: FCC (902-928 MHz)*

Air12 m
Cardboard12 m
Fiberglass12 m
Glass12 m
PTFE13 m
Polyacetyl12 m
PVC12 m
Rubber12 m

Testing and Compliance

All inlays certified by Zebra have been pre-tested with Zebra mobile, desktop and industrial printers.

Material Testing in End Application

The information contained in this document is to be used for guidance only and is not intended for use in setting specifications. All purchasers of Zebra products shall be solely responsible for independently determining if the product conforms to all requirements of their unique application.

Product Performance & Suitability

Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature

-40ºF to 158ºF (-40 to 70ºC)


*Theoretical read range data is meant to be directional. Actual performance will depend on your application and environment. Testing is recommended.

Radiation Pattern

**Read range drops to 40% of maximum when inlay is perpendicular (90º and 270º) to the reading antenna. To learn more about Radiation Pattern visit

ZBR4005 RFID Inlay Label - Radiation Pattern

Markets and Applications


  • Case/pallet labeling


  • Work-in process


  • Asset labeling


  • Asset labeling


  • E-Kanban process

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