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AABB Temperature Standards

Blood Products by Temperature Group: Storage and Transport (AABB)

Reference: “AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services,” 32nd Edition – Effective July 1, 2020

Whole Blood1°-6° C1°-10° C
Whole Blood, Irradiated
RBCs (Red Blood Cells)
RBCs, Deglycerolized
RBCs, Irradiated
RBCs, Leukocytes Reduced
RBCs, Rejuvenated
RBCs, Deglycerolized Rejuvenated
RBCs, Washed
RBCs, Apheresis
RBCs, Apheresis Leukocytes Reduced
Plasma, Fresh Frozen Plasma FFP (after thawing)
Plasma, Frozen Within 24 Hours 
After Phlebotomy (after thawing)
Plasma, Thawed
Plasma, Cryoprecipitate Reduced (after thawing)
Plasma, Liquid

Platelets20°-24° C
20°-24° C
Platelets, Irradiated
Platelets, Leukocytes Reduced
Platelets, Pooled Leukocytes Reduced
Platelets, Pooled (or open system)
Platelets, Apheresis
Platelets, Apheresis Irradiated
Platelets, Apheresis Leukocytes Reduced
Apheresis Granulocytes
Apheresis Granulocytes Irradiated
AHF, Cryoprecipitated
AHF, Thawed Cryprecipitated
AHF, Plasma Thawed Cryoprecipitated

AHF, Plasma Cryoprecipated≤ -18° CMAINTAIN
AHF Pooled Cryoprecipitated (before freezing)
Plasma, Frozen Within 24 Hours After Phlebotomy
Plasma, Cryoprecipitate Reduced
FFP – Plasma, Fresh Frozen≤ -18° C OR ≤ -65° C≤ -18° C OR ≤ -65° C