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Mobile Computer Software

Access Rules Application (ARA) Deletion

ARA deletion is an android application, which is used to delete the Access Rules present in the eUICC.  The ARA rules are stored in the eUICC’s Secure Element. The ARA deletion application can be used on Android 10  or Android 11 (when available).

Who need to use this?
Customers who are planning to use TC57 to provision eSIM/eUICC’s on Verizon’s network.

Why is it needed?
The ARA files need to be deleted from the device to assure that specific Verizon SIM profiles will be able to be loaded into the device’s eUICC.

Applicable to TC57: This solution is only applicable to TC57 GMS  devices.

What to do when I am planning to provision eSIM/eUICC’s on TC57 for Verizon?
Please contact Zebra Technical Support for further instruction. Contact Support using a form.