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Mobile Computer Software

Identity Guardian

Identity Guardian is designed to help users log in to their mobile devices more efficiently, leveraging facial biometrics to offer a convenient and secure way to unlock their mobile devices.  Unlike conventional biometric solutions, our software is specifically engineered to tackle the challenges posed by shared device models. It ensures user recognition without storing any personal information either on the device or in the cloud. This innovative design not only simplifies authentication but also empowers users with complete control over their personal data – simply discard the barcode to get rid of personal data.  Identity Guardian implements multiple layers of protection to safeguard employees' personal data. In shared device models, user data is encrypted securely within a personally managed barcode. Meanwhile, in personally assigned devices, data protection is handled within the Android framework.

Identity Guardian’s integration with IdPs (Identity Providers) simplifies authentication by only requiring users to log in once and then leveraging Single Sign On (SSO) to streamline the process.  Leveraging the Zebra DNA Cloud platform, Identity Guardian empowers administrators with comprehensive visibility into user activities, seeing who has signed in and out of devices—an unparalleled feature absent in shared PIN or Passcode systems. Furthermore, on-device APIs facilitate seamless integration with existing solutions, ensuring heightened device accountability for individual users.

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Compatible Hardware

DeviceAndroid 11 compatibilityAndroid 13 compatibility
EC50, EC5511-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
ET40, ET4511-13-14.00-RG-U00 or later13-21-05.00-TG-U00 or later
ET5111-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
ET5611-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
ET60 13-22-11.00-TG-U00 or later
ET65 13-22-11.00-TG-U00 or later
HC50 13-14-21.00-TG-U00 or later
TC1511-14-13.00-RG-U00 or later13-21-05.00-TG-U00 or later
TC21, TC21-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC22 13-14-21.00-TG-U00 or later
TC26, TC26-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC27 13-14-21.00-TG-U00 or later
TC52, TC52-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later11-31-27.00-RG-U00 or later
TC52x, TC52x-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC52AX, TC52AX-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC5311-12-31.00-RG-U00 or later13-09-16.00-TG-U00 or later
TC5711-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC57x11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC5811-12-31.00-RG-U00 or later13-14-21.00-TG-U00 or later
TC7211-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC7311-12-31.00-RG-U00 or later 13-09-16.00-TG-U00 or later
TC7711-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later13-18-19.00-TG-U00 or later
TC7811-12-31.00-RG-U00 or later13-14-21.00-TG-U00 or later

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