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CardStudio™ ID Card Design Software

Advance your card designs and production with CardStudio 2.0 to unlock greater design features, expanded data management capabilities and Digital IDs. 

Zebra card printer prints out a Caribbean sea cruise membership card

Card Creation and Issuance Made Easy

More than ever before, we're an electronically connected global community. From shopper loyalty cards to student IDs to Corporate IDs and access control cards, we're quickly evolving from the physical to the digital. Advance your card designs and production with CardStudio 2.0 to unlock greater design features, expanded data management capabilities and Digital IDs. CardStudio 2.0 makes designing and producing high-quality cards and Digital IDs quick and simple.

Digital Cards

Create Digital IDs as a complement to physical cards for maximum flexibility and convenience. Digital IDs are eco-friendly and can be quickly and securely issued to a mobile device in 3 easy steps. The Zebra Digital ID mobile app offers additional convenience and security for cardholders and allows data changes to be pushed immediately to the device.

Advanced Data Management

Digital IDs and physical cards can be created with virtually any existing enterprise data, including text, graphics, photos and other information from virtually any data source – from backend databases to spreadsheets. Easily create Digital IDs at the same time as a physical card, or as a standalone offering.

Advanced Encoding Support

With support for UHF and MIFARE/DESFire family of contactless cards, you can choose the encoding option that matches the application requirements and level of security your cards require. We offer all the encoding options you need.

CardStudio™ ID Card Design Software

Print DNA, la ventaja incorporada en su impresora

Las impresoras resistentes son esenciales, pero es el software en el interior lo que mantiene a sus impresoras funcionando sin contratiempos. Es por eso que diseñamos Zebra Print DNA. Es un conjunto de aplicaciones y capacidades de software integrados en impresoras Zebra que aprovecha todo lo que hemos aprendido de miles de casos de uso para asegurarnos de que sus impresoras alcancen su máximo potencial.

Con las herramientas y aplicaciones de Zebra Print DNA, podrá mantenerse un paso adelante utilizando herramientas de administración remota, seguridad mejorada y actualizaciones continuas. Porque garantiza la integración e interoperabilidad sencillas, Print DNA permite a sus impresoras funcionar con un rendimiento optimizado durante todo su ciclo de vida, incluso a medida que evolucionan sus necesidades de negocios.


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