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Zebra Device Buy-Back Program

Are you looking for a way to dispose of your older Zebra mobile computing devices, but also want to ensure they are properly recycled so they don’t end up in a landfill? Zebra provides a way for you to do this while also offering the potential for you to get money back for turning in your Zebra pre-owned devices that you can reinvest in purchasing new Zebra technology to meet your business needs.

Upgrade the technology you’re using in your business today to the latest Zebra technology you want to run your business. As you migrate to new Zebra devices you may want to see what options are available to safely dispose of them as well as help offset your new technology purchase. Zebra’s Device Buy-Back Program offers you the opportunity to get rid of your used Zebra devices and potentially earn money from them, while also providing the peace of mind knowing the devices will be responsibly recycled.

Backing You Up to Move Your Business Forward

Acquire pre-owned Zebra devices for refurbishment, reuse or recycling to facilitate your access to the latest Zebra innovations in mobile device technology. And if they can’t be reused, we’ll safely and responsibly recycle them.

Upgrading your Zebra mobile computing device technology is easier than ever. Our program offers an opportunity for you to obtain a buy-back price* in exchange for your legacy Zebra devices we buy back, which can help you offset the costs of a technology refresh or upgrade. And if the devices don’t qualify for buy-back, Zebra offers a Recycling Service for previously-owned Zebra devices beyond their first life, ensuring they undergo recycling at no cost to you. A win-win for you, Zebra and the environment.

* The Buy-Back Program is available for select Zebra products. Buy-back pricing will be based on Zebra’s quality assessment. Devices will be graded dependent upon their condition.

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