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Built In: Byline

Rob Armstrong discusses three simple strategies for successfully navigating the on-demand economy (U.S.).

Bloomberg: Feature Story

Tom Bianculli shares how Zebra Technologies' latest acquisitions and solutions using AI are improving the customer experience (U.S.).

Robotics 24/7: Feature Story

Jim Lawton discusses Zebra's recent acquisition of Matrox Imaging and the drivers and approaches to automation as it expands to meet demand (U.S.).

Control Engineering China: Byline

How consumers are holding pharmacies and manufacturers accountable for drug safety (China).

VS40 on a manufacturing band scanning an item

Data Quest Magazine: Feature Story

Why the supply chain and logistics sector will play a vital role in meeting raw material demands (India).

Cafebiz Online: Feature Story

Why the supply chain and logistics sector will play a vital role in meeting raw material demands (India).

Frontier Enterprise: Feature Story

Warehouse workplaces improve efficiency amid labor shortage (Singapore).

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The Intelligent Enterprise

The convergence of Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and cloud computing have led to an operational paradigm known as the Intelligent Enterprise.

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Ted Partnership: The Next Wave

The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing a tsunami of change affecting the ways we interact with and adapt to technology.

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Vision Studies: Zebra's Latest Research Reports

Unique market insights, challenges and key trends transforming your industry.

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Zebra Webinar Hub

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Success Stories

Computer screen

OmegaFlex Speeds Up Quality Control Process

The flexible metallic piping producer installed new decentralized workstations to eliminate logjams in the product testing phase.

jem and fix success story

jem & fix Delivers on Price Promise with Efficiencies

Retailer leverages mobile computing technology to support store associates with always-ready information--including inventory levels, delivery status, and near-by store stock.

MC3300 scanning food in a store

IF&P Foods Reliably Tracks Dates for Produce Orders with Mobile Computing

The wholesaler anticipates further productivity benefits by migrating all its devices to Zebra Android shortly.

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