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By Kally Kang-Kersey | May 06, 2020

HR Expert: Companies May Not Be Hiring as Rapidly Right Now, But They’re Still Prioritizing Talent

Zebra is focused on supporting existing employees amid the COVID-19 outbreak, while still engaging online with talent who would be a great, future fit for Zebra Nation.

Zebra is a nation of builders, doers and problem solvers, so it’s no surprise we’ve seen our employees quickly rally around each other, while continuing to support our customers and partners during the COVID-19 outbreak. Top talent like ours deserves the best support an employer can give, and Zebra is working hard to take care of our employees and their families during this challenging time. As a result, we’ve committed extra resources to ensure that all Zebras are able to successfully adapt to this new normal.

Helping Employees Staying at Home Stay Engaged and Connected

Zebra believes strongly in doing our part to comply with “stay safe, stay home” orders to prevent the spread of the virus, and ensure we’re protecting those who are the front line serving our communities.

For some, working from home was already a way of life. We have consistently embraced a flexible working environment with many employees working remotely in some capacity. However, for many of our people, working from home consistently is a new experience. So, we have spent a lot of time acclimating our employees to their new way of working through special training and information regarding remote working best practices. We have also launched a #ZebraUnited campaign in which “veteran” teleworkers lend a virtual hand (or, hoof) to colleagues who are new to remote work, and we’ve asked all Zebras to share their favorite #WFHTips.

Early on, Zebra also had a great set of collaboration tools for which we have since increased training, enabling all employees to get the most benefit from virtual meeting and other online tools. Paired with support from our very dedicated IT team, our employees have the right technology to lay the foundation for the best remote experience possible.

Communications are also key. Our CEO, Anders Gustafsson, has already hosted a couple Q&A sessions with our global workforce and he, along with our other leaders, continue to keep employees informed with important updates. Our leaders have also increased the frequency of hosting roundtable discussions (virtual, of course!) we call “zChats,” to address the hot topics on people’s minds.

We have also introduced several new programs to help boost physical, mental and emotional well-being such as virtual wellness programs and a Kidz Education and Entertainment Library that features resources for working parents, including content curated by fellow Zebras for kids of all ages to explore.

Supporting Employees in Essential Roles

While most of our employees are working from home, Zebra is considered an essential service providing solutions to businesses that are keeping our world spinning like healthcare providers and retailers. That means we have some employees in essential roles who continue to go into select facilities, such as distribution centers.

Zebra is incredibly grateful for their commitment and we’ve put extra measures in place to help protect their health and safety including implementing alternative work schedules, increasing access to wellness services, providing protective equipment, enforcing stringent social distance protocols, constantly sanitizing and more. We also recently rallied Zebra Nation to submit letters of thanks and encouragement that are be displayed in these essential facilities to ensure these special employees know how much they are valued by their Zebra colleagues.

In other words, like many companies, our current focus from a human resources (HR) perspective is on enabling our internal talent.

That being said, we still want to get to know you so when this all passes, we can quickly welcome new talent to the Zebra community!

Recruiting, Reinvented

If you were searching for new career opportunities before the COVID-19 outbreak, know that this current situation does not preclude you from achieving your goals. Many companies are still actively looking for new talent to join their teams. (Zebra is one of them.) Others are even “hiring from home.”

What does that mean for you?

Now is the time to activate your networks. People may be staying home, but they’re certainly not signing off. Update your social media profile to showcase your experience, contribute to conversations and engage in online learning opportunities to sharpen your skillsets – especially considering that so many education programs are now being offered for free. Take advantage! I also recommend that you stay connected with employers you have interest in by submitting your name to talent pools and signing up for hiring alerts. Those in essential service sectors are still trying to expand their workforces to meet demand.

Of course, if you’re invited to interview for a job via video, put your best foot forward – even if the employer won’t be able to see your feet. Try to find a quiet spot. Test your technology ahead of time. And dress to impress!

Though COVID-19 has proven to HR professionals what career teleworkers have known all along, that it is possible to be totally productive in pajamas or workout gear, it is still best to dress professionally during virtual interviews. You know the saying, “all dressed up and nowhere to go?” I believe that by dressing up, you’re demonstrating where you want to go (in your careeer.)

Want to Become a Member of Zebra Nation?

If you want to reinvent how businesses operate at the enterprise edge, if you are a builder, doer or problem solver, if you want to make a difference, then Zebra is, and will continue to be, the place for you.

Please stay engaged with us virtually by joining our online talent pool to share your experience and interest in different roles. I also encourage you to follow our social media channels to learn more about our business and people so you can start envisioning yourself as part of our high-performing culture. Also visit our dedicated COVID-19 page on to read a message from our CEO, Anders Gustafsson, and learn more about the front-line heroes Zebra humbly serves during this difficult time.

Inside Zebra Nation,
Kally Kang-Kersey
Kally Kang-Kersey

Kally Kang-Kersey is currently Vice President, Talent and Organizational Development at Zebra Technologies where she is responsible for developing and building people-centric programs that make Zebra a competitive employer of choice. After 11 years as Vice President of EMEA Human Resources (HR), Kally moved into her current role to focus on HR transformation and driving key strategic projects globally related to Employee Value Proposition, Inclusion & Diversity and overall talent acquisition, development and management.

Since joining Zebra in 2006, Kally has had the opportunity to work on a number of key projects in these roles including country expansion, talent acquisition and organizational design a well as a number of change management projects. She was a key member of the team managing the transfer of over 4,000 employees as part of Zebra’s acquisition of the Motorola Enterprise Solutions business in 2014. At that time, Kally was responsible for many governance-related activities ranging from benefits to policies. She also managed both regional and global communication forums in addition to the rollout of the culture-shaping program that resulted from the integration.

Before Zebra, Kally has held various senior HR and line management roles at Xerox, American Express and Yellow Pages Sales Ltd (BT). She has a strong background in organizational design and development, executive coaching, mergers and acquisitions and talent management

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