COVID-19 Heroes

Empowering Heroes on the Front Line

In tough times, we look to those on the front lines for support. This situation is no different...every effort matters. Whether it's administering oxygen, fulfilling orders, bagging groceries, rescuing patients or delivering supplies, there's no shortage of heroic efforts to inspire us. At Zebra, we're truly honoured to be able to empower these heroes to do their best. To everyone out there fighting on the front lines – thank you. You are the reason we have hope.

Related Resources for Our Customers

During these urgent times, we are providing the below resources to best protect and equip front-line workers using our devices in hospitals, warehouses, stores, routes and more. These resources span across our entire portfolio of mobile computers, scanners and printers that we offer and for every industry we serve today.

+ Product Disinfecting

SanitiSe for Safety

Use our interactive tool to find and print disinfecting instructions for your Zebra mobile computer, printer or scanner.


+ Healthcare Product Disinfecting

Drive-Through Testing

Alternative Care Sites

Laboratory Management


+ Healthcare Use Cases

Worker using a Zebra mobile computer in the drive-through testing line
Alternative care site with medical equipment
Medical test tube with a Coronavirus label

+ Retail Use Cases

Orange retail curbside pickup sign in a parking lot
Overhead view of product inventory in a retail store
Retail associate using a Zebra EC30 to find inventory data
Retail associate using a Zebra EC30 to find inventory data

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+ Public Safety Use Cases

Emergency medical technician using a Zebra tablet in an ambulance

Empowering Fire and EMS Solution Brochure

First responders must often take fast, decisive actions – by leveraging the power of rich-data applications, front-line crews can better perform their mission when responding to medical emergencies, performing rescue operations and extinguishing fires.

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+ Supply Chain Use Cases


Scale Digitization Efforts To Be Future-Ready Infographic

Now more than ever, digitizing warehousing and supply chain operations has never been so important. See how you can start with the mobility you have and begin to scale for greater levels of automated data capture to gain greater visiblity.

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