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By Your Edge Blog Team | February 18, 2021

Meet the (Global Channel) Expert: Jeff Barteld Reveals the Secret to Being a Good Partner

In this podcast episode, the 2021 Channel Chief explains why “listening” is just the first step to building mutually-beneficial relationships with resellers, distributors and other solution providers.

After spending 30+ years in leadership roles at high-growth companies, Jeff Barteld knows a thing or two about business development. He also appreciates the value that the channel can offer to companies aiming to scale in the market quickly and sustainably. As Senior Director, Global Channel Strategy & Programs at Zebra, Jeff gathers feedback from the field, seeking to understand how Zebra can better grow and strengthen its channel.

One of the most important things he’s learned by listening? Predictability is key to recruiting and retaining partners in the highly dynamic and disruption-prone technology sector.

In fact, this 2021 CRN Channel Chief is very principled in everything he does and goes above and beyond to avoid surprises. People want to know what they’re getting into when they partner with another person or company, especially when their own reputation and success is on the line. He finds that being consistent and honest in your channel practices will build the kind of trust that fuels mutually-beneficial growth.

Listen to this podcast now to learn more about Jeff’s approach to channel engagement and how it has propelled the growth of Zebra's PartnerConnect program into a CRN 5-Star Partner Program winner.

This CRN Channel Chief Talks About Why It’s So Important to Listen to Partners

In this 10-minute conversation, Jeff also gives us the inside scoop on:

  • What makes Zebra's channel ecosystem different from others.
  • The single most innovative channel initiative that he and his team launched in 2020, and how it will help both partners and customers in the coming years.
  • The top three things to consider when designing, developing and executing large-scale channel ecosystems.
  • How channel managers can better balance the priorities of their companies and their partners.
  • The biggest misconception about channel readiness.
  • The world leader he met while on vacation in Hawaii.
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