A New York Islanders hockey team fan makes a purchase at the team's retail store in the arena
By Adam Petrus | August 08, 2023

Chalk Talk Episode #14: This is What It Really Takes to Ensure You Have the Ultimate Fan Experience

From concerts to chili cook-offs, Super Bowls to youth sports tournaments, monster truck shows to motorsport races, there’s a lot that must happen to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Here’s how Zebra tech helps.

Whether your favorite thing to do is going to the movies, concerts, festivals, or sporting events, I bet your least favorite thing is waiting in line…to park, get in the door, order food, grab a drink, buy some souvenirs, etc. Me too. That’s why I loved it when our local movie theater started offering “order ahead” for popcorn and delivering to our seats upon arrival. It’s also why I love my job at Zebra. 

I get to work with the people who run sports and entertainment venues around the world to help eliminate  wait times using technology that can essentially “fast pass” everything – from parking to ticket validation to food service and shopping, even sports betting and security responses. 

And, in the latest Chalk Talk episode, I got to talk a little (okay a lot) about what exactly I’m working on with these sports and entertainment clubs and venue managers to make sure you have the ultimate fan experience every time.

That’s right…Hale turned the tables a little bit and made me the “guest” for a day. So, tune in now to hear about how the magic happens at sporting events, concerts, festivals and the like – what it takes to ensure you have the best experience possible as an attendee, from the moment you arrive at the venue to the moment you pull away, and even after (if you’re a memorabilia collector). 

I also reveal:

  • How security teams know who to let into venues and who to turn away.

  • Why you won’t ever have to print a paper ticket or carry a loyalty card again as long as the venue staff are using Zebra devices. (Hint: It has something to do with Apple VAS and Google SmartTap.) 

  • How professional sports teams like the New York Islanders (hockey) are using technology to improve the fan experience, like making it possible for you to pay for all your fan gear/souvenirs in less than 30 seconds in their arena’s retail stores! 

  • What you should expect the next time you go to an event, whether big or small. (And why you should let someone, especially a Zebra, know if the experience didn’t live up to your expectations.)


Chalk Talk with Zebra's Adam Petrus and Hale Hentges

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Adam Petrus
Adam Petrus

Adam Petrus is currently the Business Development and Sales Lead for Sports & Entertainment at Zebra Technologies where he is responsible for growing Zebra’s hardware and software solutions across the world of sports and the entertainment industry.   Prior to joining the sales team Adam co-managed Zebra’s game day operation of the NFL’s Next Gen Stats program and served as the project lead for the NFL’s Equipment Tracking Program, Virtual Locker.  Adam has more than 15 years of experience within the sports and technology industry and has been working with Next Gen Stats since 2015.  Previously, he worked in the front office of an NFL Football Club, served within the United States Intelligence Community supporting special operations to include two and a half years in Iraq and was a licensed and certified sports agent.  Adam holds a bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University out of Berea, Ohio and attended the International Institute for Management & Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland where he earned a certificate in Business Management and Leadership.

As an active member of the community, Adam serves on the Baldwin Wallace University Carmel-Boyer School of Business Advisory Council, served on the Board of the Ponte Vedra Beach Rotary International Club and is a member of the Jacksonville JAXSports Council - a non-profit established to enhance and positively impact the quality of life and community pride, along with generating economic impact and growth through professional and amateur sports. An outdoor enthusiast, Adam enjoys running, paddle boarding, golfing and being an active parent alongside his wife Jenn to their daughters Olivia (7) & Peyton (5) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Gunner and Nash.  

Fun Fact: 

"My first job in the NFL was at age 16 when I was hired by the Cleveland Browns Groundcrew.  This position then led to a promotion into the front office when I was in college and a full-time role upon graduation." 

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