Vision Study

Zebra’s 16th Annual Global Shopper Study

Zebra's 2023 Global Shopper Study unveils valuable insights from shoppers, associates and decision-makers, offering a new perspective on the evolving retail landscape. 

Zebra’s 16th Annual Global Shopper Study


The pace of transformation in the retail sector is unlikely to decelerate in the near future. In order to tackle obstacles like inflation, supply chain interruptions, and workforce issues, proactive leaders are channelling investments into advanced technologies. This strategy aims to sustain profitability while providing positive shopper and associate experiences. Discover what’s ahead for the future of retail!


  1. Explore shoppers’ perspectives and deepen your understanding of their priorities.
  2. Examine the impact of tech-empowered associates on the retail experience.
  3. Delve into the strategic pillars anchoring retail excellence and reshaping the industry landscape. 
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Vision Study
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5 minutes

  • What Shoppers Really Want in their Retail Experiences
  • Empowering Associates to Enrich Customer Interactions 
  • New Fundamentals for Tomorrow’s Retail Priorities


of associates feel that the latest technology at their disposal enhances the customer experience – and most shoppers agree.


of associates agree real-time inventory visibility helps provide shoppers with a better experience, and retail executives point to automating inventory as a leading driver of profitability.


(+17 %YoY) of shoppers prefer to shop at online retailers that also have brick-and-mortar locations.

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