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Environmental Sensors

Electronic Sensors

Zebra’s electronic sensors are data loggers that provide a higher level of supply chain visibility with continuous temperature and location data.

Electronic sensors in use every day throughout the supply chain, showcasing Zebra's innovative temperature monitoring and sensing solutions for efficient transportation and logistics management.

Electronic Sensors and Data Loggers for Confident Decision Making

Elevate your supply chain visibility with reliable electronic sensors and experience unparalleled temperature monitoring capabilities, helping monitor your temperature-sensitive products are in prime environmental condition. Connected data loggers enable you to analyse excursions and act upon them in real-time. This level of supply chain intelligence helps establish a chain of custody, maximise productivity, reduce waste, help meet quality and promote regulatory compliance. Harness the power of temperature data loggers in cold chain logistics to preserve product integrity and make informed decisions that drive your business to unprecedented levels of success.

Our advanced temperature data loggers deliver a higher level of continuous visibility into temperature and location data within the supply chain, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Accurate and timely notifications are provided without the need for manual intervention, reducing human error and delays. The seamless integration of Zebra’s Bluetooth data loggers automates data collection and empowers businesses to stay one step ahead to maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety throughout the supply chain.

Temperature Sensors Drive Cold-Chain Confidence

Zebra’s electronic sensors provide a high level of continuous visibility into temperature and location within the supply chain. Our connected, highly reliable temperature monitoring and sensing solutions enable you to identify temperature excursions so you can act upon them to maximise productivity, reduce waste, and meet quality and compliance standards. With Zebra’s smart electronic sensors and data loggers, businesses gain unparalleled control and insight into products with strict temperature requirements across the supply chain, enhancing efficiency and minimising wastage.

Data Loggers Provide Real-Time Data

Empower your frontline workers to take immediate action to monitor product processing and manage excursions. Our real-time temperature data loggers give you access to dependable data throughout the entire supply chain, enabling you to take proactive actions. Zebra's electronic sensors enable remote monitoring and provide supply chain intelligence, giving access to real-time data insights to make informed decisions, optimise operations and safeguard product integrity throughout the entire supply chain.

Electronic Sensors with Data Integrity and Trusted Security

The solution enterprise-level data platform is designed with a security layer that provides secure connections to block unauthorised access, prevent data manipulation and provide encrypted data transmissions to help you defend against security breaches. With the integration of Zebra data loggers into your supply chain, the data collected remains secure and reliable, offering robust protection of critical information from potential threats.

Zebra's ZS300 electronic sensor with cutting-edge temperature and location monitoring capabilities for enhanced supply chain intelligence.
Electronic Temperature Sensor

ZS300 Electronic Sensor

Achieve a higher level of continuous visibility into temperature and location data within the supply chain using Zebra's ZS300 Electronic Sensor. The ZS300 Electronic Sensor outperforms many traditional data loggers, enabling a higher level of continuous visibility into temperature and location data within the supply chain. With its tough and high-performing features like an IP67 rating and Bluetooth Low Energy, the ZS300 Electronic Sensor provides high-speed data access in your most challenging applications.

Zebra's ZB200 Bridge, highlighting its sleek design for easy bracket mounting to effortlessly collect reliable data from multiple Zebra electronic sensors.
Electronic Sensor Bridge

ZB200 Bridge

The Zebra ZB200 Bridge, a state-of-the-art electronic sensor bridge, is easy to instal and set up with a convenient mounting bracket and single-button operation. This wireless sensor bridge serves as a seamless interface, effortlessly collecting reliable data from multiple Zebra electronic sensors and automatically delivering it to your or Zebra's Cloud for instant visibility, revolutionising the way you monitor and manage your operations.

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