Wireless LAN for Education


High Performance Wireless LAN for Education

In today’s digital classrooms, wireless connectivity is a critical conduit between your students and e-learning. If your wireless network is going to fully support online applications, it must be robust and reliable, as well as easily accessible and simple to manage. Additionally, it must meet your budgetary constraints. Smarter, simpler and leaner, Zebra Wireless LAN is all that and more. 




Trust Zebra’s wireless networking to deliver the reliable connectivity and performance students demand even in the most challenging and dense user environments. Whether you need indoor or complete campus coverage, our broad portfolio of enterprise-grade 802.11ac access points offer unwavering connectivity—from classrooms to auditoriums and dorm rooms, as well as outdoor courtyards, stadiums and open spaces. With Zebra Wireless LAN, roaming is seamless, connectivity strong and secure, and network congestion becomes a thing of the past. Our application aware access points and deep packet inspection ensure high quality voice and video streaming.



Forgo the expense and time of deploying new wiring. With Zebra’s 802.11ac, wall plate access points, you can leverage existing classroom cabling to deploy a wireless network in minutes, translating into significant savings. You can also cut costs with our virtual controller technology and the built-in, license-free functionality of our access points that eliminate the need for expensive redundancies. The result? Higher performance and reliability at a lower cost.




Get the most out of your lean IT staff and budgets. With wireless technology designed to do more with less, you’ll gain zero-touch deployments and simple, but powerful management and network analytics. Zebra makes it easy to manage mobile applications - allowing you to preserve both wireless and wireline capacity - so you can prioritize business critical applications such as online testing. Centralized management, monitoring, and provisioning means IT staff can do what they need without leaving their desk, while distributed intelligence ensures no single point of failure disrupts service. Remote management, automation, and self-management enable IT staff to focus on being proactive rather than reactive.


Deploy and scale with ease with our unified architecture and management that can grow from a single access point to 25,000 access points as your students’ needs grow. Since the same operating system resides across the entire Zebra Wireless LAN, management remains simple — regardless of the size of your network.



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WLAN technology helps transform the learning experience for the Kenosha Unified School District.

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