Advanced Network Troubleshooting



React and Resolve

With Zebra NSight’s TM monitor interface, you can monitor critical parameters of the entire network in real time, visualize trouble spots, and drill down to examine additional RF statistics. By zeroing in on the issue, you can proactively react and resolve problems before they have a major effect on your network operation.

Thanks to Zebra NSight’s extensive tools – such as packet capture and wireless debug from the browser interface – you can analyze further and remediate faster. Moreover, you can create custom dashboard interfaces on the fly to monitor the network in real time and share all crucial parameters of an access point or client under suspicion.



Features and Benefits


  • When working on troubleshooting connectivity or other issues on an AP or client, access network debugging tools through the Zebra NSight browser interface to further clarify the problems. Included in the set are:
    • Packet capture
    • Wireless debug log access
    • TCP/IP Ping and Trace route
  • Obtain a summary of all events related to the device; simply launch the event log browser with appropriate filters applied


  • Many troubleshooting scenarios require a packet capture to diagnose the reported errors. Zebra NSight provides flexibility at this level in selecting what to capture and where to display the results
  • You can also specify capturing the wired-side or wireless-side traffic of an access point to further aid in pinpointing the source of a problem
  • Appropriate filter limits can aid in focusing on just the traffic associated with a reported error
  • With the packet capture interface, you can save the capture information on a local file to share with peers looking into the same issue or send it to the escalation support team


  • Obtain more detailed wireless information from the debug logs retained by each access point
  • Use this class of information to disclose 802.11 protocol level errors which may be occurring, but have not yet been reported, at other levels in a debug log


  • Embed any network or RF specific attributes of the access point and clients to get a quick overview of SmartRF™ channel planning and identify potential trouble spots
  • Display RFQI (RF Quality Index) of the radios to quickly identify access points with poor RF quality. Colour-coding helps indicate overall RF quality of the access point based on the signal strength of the connected clients and the retry rates
  • Filter down the list of APs with poor RF quality and then see additional RF parameters to speed up troubleshooting



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