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Laser Scanners

SE95X OEM Laser Scan Engine


SE950 OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE955 OEM Laser Scan Engine

Miniature Scan Engine Sets New Standard for Performance, Features and Reliability
The SE95X OEM laser scan engine raises the bar for miniature scan engines, offering optimum quality, reliability and durability. The flexible working range allows you to meet laser scanning needs in a wide array of applications and environments. By enabling rapid, cost-effective product development, increased productivity and reduced total cost of ownership, these scan engines give you a true competitive advantage. The SE95X scan engine is also available as a fixed mount scanner (MS954), which allows for easier integration and lower engineering costs.

Benefits of the SE95X

Durability For All Day Every Day Use
Durability For All Day Every Day Use

The patented Liquid Polymer Scan Technology is frictionless and will not wear out. Designed for durability, the elimination of fragile silicon mirrors combined with the die cast chassis enables the Zebra SE950/SE955 to handle drop shocks up to 2000Gs. You enjoy maximum uptime – and a lower total cost of ownership.

Rapid Speed Means Increased Productivity
Rapid Speed Means Increased Productivity

Scanning speed is optimised to provide aggressive read times, and the programmable scan line is easily adjusted, providing the flexibility to use a single scan engine for a wide variety of uses. The result is the rapid and accurate scanning needed to improve worker productivity.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The Zebra SE950/SE955 enables the development of products that offer superior manageability. Built-in system performance monitoring enables remote access to scan engine statistics. Management of your products is easier, less time-consuming and less expensive — a competitive advantage for you and a lower TCO for your customers.

DataCapture DNA - Your Scanner's Built in Advantage

Scan with abilities developed and continuously refined by a partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers. That’s why we’ve engineered into all our scanners Zebra DataCapture DNA—a suite of software capabilities to help your team adapt to future needs and achieve greater business outcomes.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Aurora Vision logo
Aurora for OEM
Aurora for OEM

Zebra is now a leading provider of user-friendly machine vision software for industrial image analysis. This machine vision imaging software provides automated image analysis, enabling faster and more accurate quality control and inspection processes.

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