SE4500 OEM Array Imager Scan Engine

Deploy a World of New Applications

The revolutionary Zebra SE4500 offers stunning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes and captures still images and videos. The proprietary fast-pulse illumination and fast sensor shutter speed enables image capture at a full 60 frame-per- second and delivers outstanding motion tolerance.

The result is the extraordinary scanning speed required to boost productivity in many industries — from retail and healthcare to transportation and logistics and public safety.

  • Variety of Applications

    At less than three-tenths of an ounce and approximately a quarter-cubic inch, this small, lightweight device can be easily intergrated into even the most space-constrained products, including mobile computers, handheld scanners, self-service kiosks, medical and diagnostic instruments, lottery terminals and more. 


    Hardware and software decode options enable you to choose the decoder strategy that best fits your product designs. You can choose 1. the data capture capabilities and performance levels, 2. the form factor to meet your product design needs and 3. a software-decode option that enables you to lower component costs, conserve battery power and improve product margins.

  • Easy to Use

    Full omnidirectional scanning eliminates the need to precisely align barcode and imager. A unique aiming pattern with a bright central dot ensures quick, accurate scanning — even in bright sunlight. The result is a highly intuitive scanning function that increases worker productivity, virtually eliminating the need and cost associated with training.


Streamline Product Development

Provides flexibility for many applications; enables design of devices that offer multiple types of data capture; enables standardisation on a single engine to streamline and reduce the cost of product development.

  • Dimensions

    0.46 in. H x 0.85 in. W x 0.64 in. D

    11.8 mm H x 21.5 mm W x 16.3 mm D

  • Weight

    0.29 oz./8.22 grams


    Camera Port on 21 pin ZIF connector

  • Scanning Technology

    Array Imager

  • Decode Capabilities

    1D and 2D


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