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Handheld RFID Readers

MC3300 RFID Series Mobile Computers


MC3330xR, MC3390xR

Best-in-Class RFID Read Performance With a Powerful Android Platform
The MC3300 RFID Series is built on our proven legacy of leading RFID read performance with a future-ready Android mobility platform. Four models are available to meet your customer’s needs: The MC3330xR for standard-range data capture of RFID tags and barcodes for bulk inventory in retail/hospitality, healthcare, or warehousing/supply chain, and the MC3390xR for long-range data capture in light industrial, warehousing/supply chain, and manufacturing applications. All MC3300 RFID Series models are loaded with innovative features to help generate more productivity and profitability for your business.

Awards & Certifications

Benefits of the M3300 RFID Series

Rugged with Superior Ergonomics
Rugged with Superior Ergonomics

Rugged and ready for all-day use , the MC3300 RFID Series is also one of the lightest UHF RFID readers in its class and is built for easy one-handed use, whether workers are right- or left-handed.

Flexible Development Tools
Flexible Development Tools

The MC3300 RFID Series shares the same RFID Software Development Kit as other Zebra handheld RFID readers. Our EMDK simplifies application design, while our SDK allows you to use apps you’ve developed for other Zebra RFID handhelds.

Best-In-Class RFID Read Rate and Range
Best-In-Class RFID Read Rate and Range

You get unparalleled RFID performance with the MC3300 RFID Series. The MC3390R/MC3390xR can capture RFID tags more than 60 ft./18.2 m away—while the MC3330R/MC3330xR can capture RFID tags in half the time as the next leading competitor.

Additional Software Features

123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software
123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software

123RFID fixed RFID reader deployment software from Zebra will increase your profitability by reducing deployment and optimization time from weeks to days.


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