ATR7000 RTLS Reader

Redefine Operational Efficiency with Superior, Affordable Real-Time Locationing

Imagine if you could see the pinpoint location of all of your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more, all the time, in real-time. Imagine how that visibility could allow you to streamline your operations, improve workforce productivity, reduce costs and better serve your customers. You have just imagined the power of the ATR7000 RTLS Reader. The ATR7000 — superior technology, superior locationing accuracy, superior tag visibility and superior value — delivered.

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Let Us Tell You More About the ATR7000 RTLS Reader

  • Beam Steering for Pinpoint Location Accuracy

    The ATR7000 electronically steers and processes several hundreds of narrow torch-style beams simultaneously, providing highly accurate asset location, within 2 ft./0.6m or less.

  • Advanced Antenna Technology for Maximum Tag Visibility

    The wide-angle antenna delivers up to double the coverage area of typical competitive fixed readers. And dual circular and linear coverage patterns ensure all tags in the coverage zone are visible, regardless of size or complexity of your environment.

  • Zebra Configuration and Location Analytics Software (CLAS)

    This ready-to-use licensable software saves many months of application development time by automatically collecting the ATR7000 tag data, calculating the real-time location of all of your tagged assets and streaming that pinpoint location data to the business system of your choice — such as your Warehouse Management System (WMS).


ATR7000 RTLS Reader

Superior Locationing for Maximum Asset Visibility

The ATR7000 is a new class of RFID reader offering advanced Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets. Now, you can see where your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more are located — and if they are on the move, in which direction they are moving. The result? Streamlined operations, reduced costs and better customer service.

  • Dimensions

    Diameter 19.0 in. (482.6 mm), Height 6.34 in. (161 mm)
    20.3 cm H x 9.9 cm W x 14.6 cm D

  • Weight

    11.1 lbs (5.03 kg)

  • RFID Characteristics

    Antenna: Steerable phase-array
    Beam Scanning Range: Azimuth 0-360°, Elevation 0-60°

  • Operating System


  • Power Sources

    POE+ (802.3at) or AC-DC power supply rated for +24Vdc, 3.25 A

  • Mounting

    Direct attach (pole mount) or VESA 75 or VESA 100

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    The largest selection of stock RFID labels

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  • Software

    Our RFID development, demonstration and production software and utilities help you manage your RFID deployments.

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  • Support

    Maximise Zebra device uptime and business performance with Zebra OneCare support services.

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