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RFID Antennas

Ultra-Rugged RFID Antennas


AN510, AN520, AN720

Zebra's Family of RFID Antennas Makes Any RFID Installation Easy, Efficient and High Performing
These antennas are designed to be sleek and discreet enough to be integrated into any business, but rugged enough for outdoor industrial environments. Versatile flush mounts blend into any location.

Benefits of the AN5x-AN7x Series

Industrial-Class Power in an Ultra-Low Profile Case

This efficient antenna delivers high-throughput, high capacity communication of EPC-compliant RFID tag data. Rugged enough for use in outdoor shopping areas, receiving dock doors, ceilings and walls to create superior read zones.

Slim and Powerful

The ultra-low profile antenna is designed to be sleek and discreet enough to be at home in any business setting but rugged enough for outdoor industrial environments.

Services for Planning and Management

To help you seamlessly and successfully integrate your RFID Antennas into your environment, Zebra offers a complete suite of services that span the entire solution lifecycle.

Additional Software Features

123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software

123RFID fixed RFID reader deployment software from Zebra will increase your profitability by reducing deployment and optimisation time from weeks to days.


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