SP5504 Point of Sale (POS) RFID Antenna

Track Inventory in Your POS Lanes or Will-Call Areas

Log items passing through POS lanes in your retail store or will-call areas in your warehouse or manufacturing facility with the Zebra SP5504 Point of Sale Antenna.

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  • Ready-to-Use All-in-One Integrated Antenna

    Everything you need is already integrated inside the housing, pre-configured and ready to go. Just suspend from the ceiling or mount on a wall for fast and easy deployment.

  • Mix-and-Match Antenna Combinations

    Zebra’s advanced pre-engineered ready-to-use RFID antenna is designed to meet specific needs in challenging areas — such as backrooms and warehouse aisles where metal, fluorescent lights and more can create interference to aisles and will-call areas that require very tight read ranges.

  • Plug-and-Play Simple Deployment

    Deployment couldn’t be easier. All solutions in this family offer everything you need, including a pre-configured antenna, plus RF cable and mounting brackets. Just mount the hardware in the appropriate area, plug it in to your RFID reader and you’re ready to start capturing information about your on-the-move inventory.

SP5504 RFID Reader Antenna

SP5504 Point of Sale (POS) RFID Antenna

Track POS Inventory

This sensor logs items passing through your POS lanes, through will-call areas and omnichannel pickup or anywhere you want to track inventory in an area with limited space. With a highly localised antenna technology, a Zebra SP5504 Point of Sale (POS) RFID Antenna can be installed in multiple places without risking interference.

  • Dimensions

    7.0in. x 7.3in. diameter
    180mm x 184mm diameter

  • Humidity

    95% RH non-condensing

  • Weight

    2.2 lbs./1.0 kg

  • Electrostatic Discharge

    ± 15 kV air discharge; ± 8 kV direct discharge; ± 8 kV indirect discharge

  • Operating Temperature

    32º to 122º F/0º to 50º C

  • Input Power

    13W max (37-55 VDC POE)

  • Storage Temperature

    -40º to 158º F/-40º to 70º C