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Device Tracker

Easily Find Missing Zebra Android Mobile Devices

Eliminate time-consuming searches with Zebra Device Tracker, a full-scale, cloud-based solution that gives entire  teams visibility into device location and status of their devices. Zebra Device Tracker is easy to deploy and can scale up to 100,000 devices in up to 5,000 locations. Your team has everything they need to  monitor, flag and recover devices, and managers and administrators can access reports and fleet-wide historical data to improve device utilisation and procedures.

Questions About Device Tracker?

  • Easily Locate Zebra Devices — Even if Powered Down

    If Zebra Android devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, Zebra Device Tracker will help you find them. Friendly access point names, such as Plumbing, instantly identify the general vicinity where the device is located. A real-time sliding bar indicates whether you are moving closer to or farther from the device—and you can remotely ring the device at any time.

  • Single Sign-On Support

    Single Sign-On enables easy integration with your identity provider (IdP) to authenticate  users, ensuring  transparent accountability and security during device check-out and check-in, so the appropriate role-based access is given.

  • Convienient Web Portal and Data Reporting

    By accessing a convenient web portal, managers and administrators can see end-of-day status reports for all devices and current device status, quickly identifing issues that need immediate attention, and even use fleet-wide historical data reporting to improve device utilisation and employee procedures.

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