Operational Pilot

Once a technical architecture plan is prepared, we will help you set it up, train your users on the solution and put it to the test. We believe the proof of our promise is in the real world environment. That’s why we’ll scope and plan an operational pilot that rolls out ported applications on devices to a subset of your users and provide support in the field.

We’ll measure operations before and after the test, solicit feedback to refine the roll-out strategy, make any adjustments and verify ROI. By taking this step with officers, dispatchers and investigators, you can be confident your technology is ready to be deployed.




Proof points in operational environment 
Allowing you to see your solution in action helps ensure that it meets all the agreed upon requirements.

Feedback from users refines rollout strategy 
Providing input during the operational pilot phase allows you to further enhance solution prior to roll-out.

Verified ROI enables further investment 
Confirming in the pilot phase allows for testing of the solution to ensure that it meets the agreed upon ROI.

Accelerates change management 
Completing an operational pilot provides remediation of any challenges with the solution for quicker roll-out of the solution itself.

Part of a continuous improvement strategy 
Operational pilot helps to enhance the solution itself so that upon deployment it exceeds your expectations.