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Mobile Computer Software

Zebra DNA Cloud

Zebra DNA Cloud (ZDNA) is an administrative solution for managing and configuring Zebra devices and apps. 

Zebra DNA Cloud integrates our Mobility DNA portfolio solutions into a single, intuitively organized interface. By harnessing our existing software's capabilities, we offer customers and partners secure solutions that help deploy, manage and support every stage of device lifecycles. With Zebra DNA Cloud, organizations can tailor device settings to meet their specific needs by leveraging Mobility Extensions (Mx). Application management and configuration of Mobility DNA tools will ensure users have access to the Zebra applications required to accomplish their work. Administrators can leverage LifeGuard OTA to ensure their devices are always up to date with the latest features and security, all with a single click and without having to touch each device physically.

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Zebra DNA Cloud


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Compatible Hardware

Device ModelsAndroid 11 Supported BSP
CC600, CC600011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
EC3011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
EC50, EC5511-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
ET40, ET4511-13-14.00-RG-U00 or later
ET5111-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
ET5611-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
L10A11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC2011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC220011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC270011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC3300ax11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC3300x11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC3300xR11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
MC930011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
PS2011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
RZ-H27111-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC1511-14-13.00-RG-U00 or later
TC21, TC21-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC26, TC26-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC52, TC52-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC52x, TC52x-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC52AX, TC52AX-HC11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC5311-12-13.00-RG-U00 or later
TC5711-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC57x11-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC7211-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC7711-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
TC830011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
VC830011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later
WS5011-19-19.00-RN-U00 or later
WT630011-26-05.00-RG-U00 or later

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