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Mobile Computer Software

Simulscan Document Capture For Android Support

SimulScan is a set of productivity tools that enables workflow optimization. Integrate SimulScan into your native Android application (via DataWedge or EMDK for Android) and bring your data capture to the next level. The software requires: 

  • A compatible Zebra device running Android
  • Camera or supported 2D imager (see table, below)
  • An app (or DataWedge) configured to access SimulScan
  • A per-device license if using advanced features

Please note: the SimulScan demo is bundled with the operating system releases for each device. No additional download is required. 

For the latest information on compatible SimulScan engine/OS BSP, please see the Zebra Techdocs site.

For more information, developer assistance and code samples, please visit: