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Printer Software

Printer Profile Manager Enterprise Support

Use Printer Profile Manager Enterprise (PPME) to quickly and easily create printer configurations and manage your Zebra Print DNA printers from a single location, no matter where they are located. 

To experience Printer Profile Manager Enterprise in your environment, fill out our request form to download the latest version of the software. Install a fully functional 30-day trial or upgrade an existing installation. You can purchase a license and apply to your installation during or after the 30-day trial.

Print Profile


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

IMPORTANT: You must upgrade to v4.x versions from v3.4.7711 due to the removal of the ElasticSearch dependency. If necessary, perform an upgrade to v3.4.7711 first and then upgrade to a 4.x version.

Log4j Update: V3.2.7563 and later removes and/or updates files and components related to Log4j.

Before installing the PPME, it's recommended that you download and review the preparation and installation guides from the Documentation section (P1124501-02EN & P1094238-10EN).


Installation Requirements

Printer Profile Manager Enterprise is compatible with Zebra Print DNA printers running Link-OS v4.0 and later, including the model series listed below.

Zebra Print DNA Basic printers are not compatible with Printer Profile Manager Enterprise.

ZT200 Series; ZT400 Series; ZT500 Series; ZT600 Series
ZD400 Series; ZD500 Series; ZD600 Series
ZQ300 Series; ZQ500 Series; ZQ600 Series
ZC100 Series; ZC300 Series
ZE5x1 Series
QLn Series; IMZ Series; ZR Series


Windows Server 2016, 64-bit processor
Windows Server 2019, 64-bit processor
Windows Server 2022, 64-bit processor
Windows® 10, 64-bit processor
Windows® 11, 64-bit processor


Chrome Browser version 123 or higher

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU cores: 4
Memory (RAM): 16GB
Minimum: 50GB available drive space

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU cores: 8
Memory (RAM): 16GB


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