Internship/Cooperative Education Program

Join Zebra's Internship/Cooperative Education Program and PUT YOUR KEY ASSETS TO WORK SMARTER.

Zebra Technologies is dedicated to influencing the professional development of students through our Internship/Cooperative Education Program. If you are looking for a challenging opportunity to work for a career- defining company, then you should apply for an internship/co-operative education opportunity with us!

Zebra Technologies offers valuable summer internship and co-operative education (co-op) opportunities.

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Hands-On Professional Experience

As a Zebra intern/co-op, you will gain valuable, hands-on professional work experience that will help you in your future career.

Working alongside regular employees on various project teams, you will actively participate in projects that will have a direct impact on our product lines. Interacting with and learning from knowledgeable, seasoned experts will help you hone the skills you need to successfully begin your career.

Support for Success

To ensure you get the most out of your internship/co-op experience, you will be assigned a manager, a mentor, and a "buddy" dedicated to providing you with full support and guidance. This support system will monitor your progress, provide feedback, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your experience at Zebra.


While your internship/co-op will offer opportunities to apply what you have learned in school, to gain new skills, and "stretch your wings" in a professional setting, you will also have the chance to:

  • Earn competitive compensation
  • Enjoy free housing – Complete with free WiFi connection, on-site laundry, common lounge and kitchen, and more (for Illinois interns only). 
  • Meet new friends
  • Join inter-office sports teams and 
  • Participate in company-organized events


At the end of your internship/co-op, you will create a presentation detailing your projects, your accomplishments, and what you have learned about the professional world and your potential career path.

How to Apply

Zebra Technologies has internship/co-op opportunities in various functions throughout the business. To learn more about these opportunities and our University Relations recruitment schedule, please visit our online career centre or contact the University Relations division of Human Resources.

Interns Share their Experiences

"As this was my first real summer internship, my expectations were primarily that I would be able to see what the industry and corporate world was like in general. I almost immediately realized, however, that I was not going to be a passive observer – I was immediately assigned meaningful and engaging work."

- Eric N. 

Firmware Engineering Intern (2008) and CAG Intern (2009)

"Overall, I felt that my experience here has reinforced my decision to become a mechanical engineer and my interest in design. I felt that the internship program at Zebra is well organized and the project I worked on was relevant to the company. I also feel that my time here was worthwhile and that my actions have benefited Zebra."

- Chapin N. 

Mechanical Engineering Intern (2009)

"I have gained valuable experience using Pro/Engineer. This experience has not only improved my ability to communicate design concepts, but also my ability to visualize and understand other design ideas."

- Nick S.

Advanced Development Mechanical Engineering Co-op (2009)

"I feel that I have gained much more confidence and independence when it comes to my work. I have learned to solve problems and find solutions more independently first as opposed to asking for help right away."

- Corrine B.

Technical Documentation Intern (2008)

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