Zebra Presents Warehouse Solution Built on Industry 5.0 Human-Centred Automation at IntraLogisteX

Warehouse operators can automate workflows with AMRs and machine vision while front-line workers can easily learn and use these technologies

BOURNE END, England – 22 March, 2023 –
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced it will present its EMEA debut of an innovative warehouse solution that puts Industry 5.0 human-centred automation at the centre of warehousing operations. Delegates attending IntraLogisteX Stand #i820 from 28-29 March in Birmingham, England will learn about Zebra’s human-centred approach to warehousing operations, featuring Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and a new breed of fixed scanning and machine vision cameras powered by Zebra Aurora software.

These technologies work in harmony, creating a workflow that automates heavy and repetitious material movement tasks as well as completing fast, accurate presence/absence, tracking and quality control checks on the conveyor belt. It means warehouse worker time is freed up to take on higher-value tasks. Human-centred automation can also help create better job satisfaction and greater visibility of assets, workflows, and team members, thanks to easy-to-use dashboards and communication apps like Microsoft Teams accessed on mobile computers with Wi-Fi6 and 5G connectivity.

“There’s no single definition of Industry 5.0, but one of the characteristics that distinguishes it is the focus on putting people first,” said Daniel Dombach. “If Industry 4.0 is largely about digitisation, AI and autonomous systems which we’re seeing today, then the early signs of 5.0 are seen in human-centred automation—how we’re rethinking those technologies to empower front-line workers, create more personalised solutions that companies can tailor to their needs, and more sustainable operations for business and the good of society.”

Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study revealed that 80% of industry decision-makers plan to implement machine vision by 2025, and 90% plan to introduce AMRs for materials movement by 2027. Zebra’s study found that associates who work alongside AMRs today confirm they have helped increase productivity and reduce walking/travel time (83%), reduce errors (73%), and enable advancement to new roles or opportunities (65%). And in Europe, 85% of associates said they are more likely to work for an employer that provides more modern devices to use for tasks.

Companies like photobook manufacturer CEWE are using an Aurora-powered scanning solution to enhance operations at high speed and volume with 100% accuracy every time, while third-party logistics Noerpel Group has achieved 100% scan accuracy and time savings of 50%. BMC has implemented a smart, scalable combination of AMRs and Aurora-powered scanning, while warehouse operators like Waytek benefit from flexible, scalable robotics automation, alongside start-ups making food production more sustainable. AMRs can also make warehouses more inclusive for front-line workers with sensory disabilities, as Austin Lighthouse shows.

With Zebra’s Fetch AMRs and machine vision systems, solutions come ready out of the box, taking hours and days to set-up and deploy, rather than months. Zebra Aurora Deep Learning Optical Character Recognition can be set-up in minutes based on its user-friendly graphical interfaces that operate on a drag and drop approach. Warehouse operators can more quickly deploy and see the positive outcomes like automated workflows with AMRs and machine vision while front-line workers can easily learn and use these technologies.

“Another key feature of Industry 5.0 discussions is the emphasis on the evolving skills and training needs of workers today and tomorrow,” said Dombach. “Modern technology must be easy to use to speed up training time and give more workers the sense that they too can use these solutions in their day-to-day jobs, which is more important than ever in the face of ongoing labour shortages. Today, we’re seeing major warehouse operators, ecommerce leaders, and automotive manufacturers turn to Zebra’s robotics automation and Aurora-powered scanning and data-capture solutions.”

At IntraLogisteX, Zebra will also highlight powerful, complementary solutions including Intelligent Cabinets for mobile devices, and VisibilityIQ Foresight which gives warehouse operators instant business intelligence about their Zebra devices for data-driven decisions with predictive and actionable analytics.

Business delegates and members of the media are invited to meet the Zebra team at stand i820. Booth tours, solution demonstrations, and interviews can be arranged.


  • At IntraLogisteX, Zebra will reveal its human-centred warehousing solution with AMRs and machine vision, highlighting key features of Industry 5.0.
  • Many companies and their front-line workers are reaping the benefits of Zebra’s robotics automation and machine vision solutions today.
  • Complementary solutions for mobile devices will also on display, with delegates and the media invited to meet the team, experience the demonstrations, and conduct interviews.


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