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By Olivier Leonetti | November 04, 2019

On a Roll: Zebra Named a “World’s Best Employer” by Forbes

New honor comes on the heels of strong Q3 earnings, Forbes Global 2000 Ranking

What a quarter it has been at Zebra. What a year, really.

If you’ve been following the Zebra Your Edge Blog since we launched in March, you know what I mean.

We’ve launched several new hardware and software solutions, celebrated several customer successes and joined a host of industry leaders in collaborative, thought-provoking discussions about the state of global industries and the opportunities ahead.

As if that hasn’t kept us busy enough, we also launched two new Zebra Inclusion Networks as part of our renewed commitment to Inclusion and Diversity, introduced an enhanced Benefits program, expanded our Corporate Social Responsibility program website and extended our community outreach efforts. We know the strength of our culture and our surrounding communities contributes to the prosperity of our company and our employees.

In fact, it is our outstanding culture that just landed Zebra to Forbes’ 2019 “World’s Best Employers” list at #166.

Growth without Compromise

As I mentioned in my recent podcast with CMO Jeff Schmitz, I believe that Zebra’s primary differentiator as a company is its culture. We invest just as heavily in our people as we do our customers and products. They are the ones who develop and deliver the solutions that empower our customers to capture their edge in competitive markets. It is to our employees’ credit that Zebra continues to grow as a company and climb in the rankings of lists such as the Forbes Global 2000.

That is why we remain so focused on operational discipline and cost efficiencies, as Anders spoke about on our Q3 2019 earnings call last week. We want to be positioned to drive profitable growth without compromising investments in our organic growth and in our employees. We want to recruit and retain the top talent in the world so that we can continue to deliver the results that our customers, partners and shareholders expect. The results you see in this image below:

Infographic outlining key highlights of Zebra's Q3 earnings call

As you look back at Zebra’s track record and analyze the financial success that we’re experiencing right now, know that the collective intelligence, skill and creativity of our global workforce is what has enabled Zebra to successfully diversify its business over the last 50 years. And rest assured that we will continue to invest in our people, especially as we consider Zebra’s potential trajectory and the opportunities that exist for the future.

It would be fantastic if we could look back at this very blog 50 years from now and say: “Wow, Zebra is still going strong, and it’s due to the culture we created!” And I think the foundation we’ve built over the last 50 years – along with the initiatives we’re implementing today to adapt our benefits programs, ensure greater Inclusion and Diversity and make room for greater creativity and personal growth – will help us meet that next milestone as a company.


Editor’s Note:

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Olivier Leonetti
Olivier Leonetti

Olivier Leonetti joined Zebra Technologies in November 2016 as Chief Financial Officer with more than 25 years of experience in financial and executive leadership positions.

Priori to Zebra, Mr. Leonetti was with Western Digital where he was responsible for all finance functions, including accounting, tax, treasury, financial planning and investor relations. Prior to Western Digital, Mr. Leonetti served as Vice President of Finance – Global Commercial Organization at Amgen, Inc., where he facilitated the implementation of worldwide product development and commercial strategies. From 1997 to 2011, Mr. Leonetti served in various senior finance positions with increasing responsibility at Dell Inc., including most recently as Vice President of Finance. Prior to Dell Inc., Mr. Leonetti served in various worldwide finance capacities with Lex Rac Service plc and the Gillette Company.

He received his master’s degree in business administration from the Institute of Business Management, Grenoble (I.A.E.), France and is a chartered certified accountant, obtained in England.

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