Why Zebra Commerce?

What if you could reduce the time, money and risk involved in implementing and integrating a mobile solution?

Are you challenged with executing a mobile solution, but lack the infrastructure to do so? With Zebra® Commerce you can deliver multi-system functionality through any mobile device, fast. Roll out your mobile solution far more quickly and affordably than you ever thought possible.

Our solution helps you improve employee productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Gain a higher share of wallet and create loyal customers. It’s that simple.

With Zebra Commerce:

  • Connect any mobile device to any back-end operating system
  • Integrate mobility into IT systems without adding infastructure
  • Have full accountability from a trusted, single source
  • Achieve more with the same staff and resources
  • Provide a compelling customer experience

See why Zebra Commerce is the right choice for your business:

Industry-Leading Experience

Zebra Commerce combines Zebra’s retail experience in storefront and back office solutions with our proven expertise in retail mobility solutions to meet your needs. We are a company you know and trust with a strong reputation for customer service and support. 

Our team includes:

  • Skilled software development engineers
  • Deployment, integration and customisation experts
  • Highly trained and accessible technical support
  • A global partner network

Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions

As your partner, we offer software and hardware solutions and support services to create a complete mobile commerce solution. 

You’ll gain:

  • Instant access to product information
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Insights into trends and buying habits
  • Mobile payment and receipt printing capabilities
  • Deployment, integration, customisation and maintenance services

Flexible Solution Architecture

At Zebra, we design robust, scalable and dependable mobile solutions to meet the needs of your enterprise, whatever the size. Mobile applications must be fast and reliable. Technological pitfalls must be avoided. From barcode scanning to bringing inventory information to your employees’ fingertips, the Zebra Commerce architecture is built for maximum uptime and efficiency.

Our flexible solution architecture enables you to select only the applications you want, all on the operating system of your choice.

Ease of Integration

Zebra Commerce has the expertise to help make integration quick and easy. We have deep experience integrating solutions into virtually every type of back-end system. And with a single platform connecting all of your systems, devices and applications, you can avoid a complete overhaul and escape the costly trap of antiquated infrastructure and proprietary vendors.

From standard ERP systems, to mainframes and server farms – to mid-range Unix, Windows, and AS/400 Servers – and in-store POS systems, Zebra provides an interface between the mobile application and the corporate infrastructure.

Our Mobile Application Server is the key. It has the tools built to streamline the integration process, providing even our largest customers with a solid and reliable integration point.

Secure, Peace of Mind

When accepting mobile payment, security is paramount. From secure connections to integrated magnetic stripe readers, to EMV chip and PIN capabilities to Zebra's secure mobile payment platform we help you meet the toughest industry security standards and certifications.

Your Partner on the Journey

With Zebra as your partner, we help you reduce the time, cost and risk involved in launching an entirely new mobile initiative. As your experienced guide, we help you prioritize and seize the mobile opportunities that will deliver the greatest impact on your enterprise.

With Zebra Commerce, you'll have a single provider for implementation and integration – one that's totally committed to open architecture and accountable for results. We work with you to create a customised, scalable solution tailored specifically for your unique needs.

See how others are gaining the Zebra advantage.