Motorola Solutions Presents the Future of Retail at Asia Pacific’s Largest Retail Event - APRCE Singapore 2011

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

Launches the Company’s first enterprise class Android-based tablet, and the industry’s first enterprise framework for developing HTML5 applications to help businesses deploy web-based enterprise applications

Singapore, October 11, 2011 – Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE:MSI) today unveiled innovative retail solutions for the future to an industry gathering of over 1800 delegates from across the region at the Asia Pacific Retailer’s Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) Singapore 2011 from October 11-13.

Displaying a distinctive combination of cutting edge mobility technologies and innovative applications such as video analytics, personalised self shopping, store management solutions and mobile sales force automation solutions, all delivered on Motorola’s enterprise devices, the company demonstrated its industry leadership gained from years of experience working with world’s leading retailers to solve the pain points of retail business.

Aimed to address the industry’s most pressing issues of improving profitability, enhancing operational efficiency and sustaining customer loyalty, Motorola’s compelling showcase of rich mobility experiences took visitors through key touch points in retail. From the front-end consumer purchase journey through to point of sale, its solutions demonstrated new ways for retailers to win customer loyalty, raise staff productivity, streamline their back-end supply chain operations, and to uncover new revenue streams.

Other solutions demonstrated by its partners also included those which help retailers profile customers, RFID technology for asset tracking, video solutions for real-time asset visibility, as well as connectivity solutions for data and store communication, security and mobile device management

Motorola Solutions also announced globally today the ET1 tablet - its first Android™ based enterprise tablet – ideal for the retail industry, and RhoElements, the industry’s first HTML5 web-based application framework, which allows developers and businesses to easily write & deploy applications which look, work and run on Windows embedded and Windows CE-based mobile computers, with other different operating systems.


· Designed around the theme of Next Generation Retail Enterprise, Motorola Solutions’ booth at 4E2-01, Level 4, Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, is built around four key areas of a retail operation – including the consumer journey starting from shopping/buying experiences, as well as the retailers’ operations – focusing on enhancing employee productivity and improving operational efficiency on the shop floor and in their supply-chain operations.

· Specific solutions for the retail environments include supermarket self shopping, fresh fruits/vegetables track and trace, clothing/fashion accessories store management and mobile loyalty, FMCG mobile fleet/mobile sales, supermarket fresh food labelling, mobile point of sale solution, video analytics, store management solutions, cutting edge mobility devices for mobile workers and shoppers, intelligent retail connectivity and security solutions.

· A total of eight partners, including Barcode, Revision, Maventic, Cognizant, Zebra, Integrated Retail & JDA, Just Enough and Infor, from Singapore and overseas markets were present

· In-house retail experts include Anand J Mehta, Director – Retail, Asia Pacific – speaking on “Discovering Competitive Advantage, Differentiate Critical Business Processes and Deliver Value from Within” – on Oct 11 at Ballroom 1 from 1.45pm.

· Motorola Solutions’ video analytics technology solution will help retailers gain real time asset visibility in clothing / fashion stores or fresh goods in supermarkets, detect out of stock situations, to ensure a rich shopping experience for customers.

· ET1, is its first Android-based tablet, a truly enterprise class productivity device with functionality suited for a variety of vertical markets. It is tailored for demanding day-long use, delivers powerful computing capability, and offers enhanced enterprise security features, and a comprehensive suite of accessories including optional bar code scanner, mobile payment readers and modules, hot-swappable battery packs as well as chargers that will add business-critical functionality and flexibility.

· RhoElements is industry's first framework for developing HTML5 applications on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices and will bring modern web-based application development tools to Motorola Solutions' portfolio of enterprise mobile computers allowing businesses to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy web-based enterprise applications. RhoElements also ensure business continuity by enabling the application to run, isolated from the operating system and provides a bridge for businesses to adopt future Windows Embedded Handheld releases, Android or other operating systems


Phey Teck Moh, Corporate Vice President, Motorola Solutions Asia Pacific.

“The Asia Pacific region represents a complex and diverse retail environment. The most significant growth witnessed in the region is in China where total new store investments have seen 1000% increase over a 10 year period. Such high growth comes with challenges for retailers. This could be - optimum use of real estate, setting up a robust and efficient supply chain, finding the right product mix at the right price, maintaining customer loyalty despite competition, and most of all, getting the best business results on their investment. What Motorola Solutions offers as competitive advantage to the region’s retailers, is our understanding of this diverse global and local retail landscape. We combine this knowledge with the right technology to design solutions that not only address the present challenges but offer our retail customers a mobility choice that enables them to organically grow to the next level of business expansion without compromising their earlier investments. This is our true competitive advantage, our differentiator and our value to our customers.”

Malik Murad Ali, IT Director, MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Malaysia
“Motorola Solutions’ enterprise solutions portfolio is complementary to our efforts to streamline the key operational processes and drive systemic efficiency. In collaboration we are able to add even greater agility and strength to influence and define shopping and buying trends, and align ourselves to customers’ needs based on real time data and demand. Resulting in optimizing business operations and enhancing the customers shopping experience”

Anand J. Mehta, Business Development Director – Retail, Asia-Pacific, Motorola Solutions.

“A retail enterprise comprises 3 key stakeholders, namely vendors, the retail company and its consumer dovetailed into a single supply chain. While new stores and larger stores with wider ranges can serve to deliver growth, the standard measurements in the industry are based on sales, profitability, per square foot, same store sales comparisons and inventory turns. Our goal as a solutions provider is to identify bottlenecks, increase throughput and optimise operational efficiency and staff productivity, with direct and measurable impact. By removing the technology pain points, we allow the retailer to focus on his business.