Dart UWB Vision Reader

Zebra Technologies Introduces Dart UWB Vision Reader
Patented Short-Pulse UWB Technology Offers Unparalleled Detection of Assets

Lincolnshire, IL, November 4, 2011
─Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a recognised global leader in enabling technologies that extend visibility into operations, today announced the availability of its Dart Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Vision Reader. Extending Zebra's Dart product family, the Dart Vision Reader provides visibility across an even larger range of
environments for asset location or presence detection.

Robust presence detection of assets in applications is vital to a wide range of industries—from inventory detection in industrial manufacturing to personnel mustering in petrochemical facilities. Building on the core capabilities of Zebra's Dart UWB real-time location system (RTLS) products, Dart Vision Reader provides visibility to assets and personnel in real time.

"The Dart Vision Reader enables cost-effective, large-scale expansion of asset tracking and provides more robust presence detection than other RFID technologies," said Stephen Logue, vice president of sales, Zebra Technologies. "For example, one of the largest, global aircraft manufacturers is utilising Dart UWB technology to gain real time visibility to thousands of highvalue assets such as tools, equipment and parts."

Combined with the patented short-pulse technology that allows DartTag to be detected in high multi-path, metallic environments, the Dart Vision Reader gives customers the ability to tag assets with a high-blink rate (typically once per second), giving true asset visibility over a broad detection area.

The Dart Vision Reader supports standard networking, Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced tools, providing easy set-up, installation and configuration. It has a fully weatherproof design (IP67 rated) and a large operational temperature range (-40o C to +55o C), providing improved presence
detection for asset visibility, even in the most difficult indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

Dart Vision Reader is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe and select Asia Pacific countries. More information about the Dart Vision Reader and other locations solutions products from Zebra Technologies is available at http://www.zebra.com/ls.

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