High Performance Wireless Solutions from Motorola Solutions Enable China’s Top Hotels To Enhance Guest Experience

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

Beijing, March 29, 2013 -- In the face of increasing numbers of business and leisure travelers, the hospitality industry is under pressure from guests to provide a sophisticated in-room High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) experience. An experience that falls short is seen as being adverse to a brand’s reputation. As a leading global provider of wireless network solutions, Motorola Solutions Inc (NYSE: MSI) in 2012 helped numerous of China’s top hotels to transform this pressure into opportunities with its secure and stable wireless network solutions, helping these top hotels to enhance their guest satisfaction and brand loyalty.

With over 80 years of experience in the radio frequency field, Motorola Solutions has always been committed to provide China’s hospitality industry with wireless network solutions and products that meet the needs of the Chinese market. The advantages of Motorola Solutions’ wireless network solutions are recognised by both hospitality customers and some of the top hospitality sector system integrators who partner with Motorola Solutions.

Key Facts:

  • The award-winning WiNG 5 architecture is particularly designed to meet China’s hospitality requirement: on one hand, it distributes the intelligence to the network’s edge, to access points that are at the periphery of the network, aiming at ensuring efficient network bandwidth utilisation, and reducing or even eliminating network bottlenecks at the controller, guaranteeing consistent availability of adaptive and self-healing capabilities throughout the network; on the other hand, the portfolio of wireless products based on the WiNG 5 architecture represents a highly cost-effective solution for the hospitality industry.
  • The popularity of Motorola Solutions’ wireless network products and solutions can be attributed to their future readiness, adaptability and security. The acclaimed and innovative AP6511 802.11n Wall Plate solution allows for easy “plug and play” deployment within minutes at any location to support consistent high bandwidth requirements. A single AP6511 can serve as a controller for up to 24 access points, and its tiny size and reliable wireless signal can easily reduce the workload of network management personnel and providing lowers deployment cost for the hotel.
  • Purpose-designed and built for hotels, dormitories and apartment buildings, Motorola Solutions has the special access point solutions using existing CAT 5/6 cabling to cover multiple rooms with minimal site planning. Based on the built-in cable, hotels can achieve the connection with original CAT 5/6 cable just in a few minutes, the solutions simplifies and shortens the wireless network upgrade process without any disruption to the hotel’s daily operation.
  • Over the course of 2012, an increasing number of top tier hotels began to distribute key information such as flight details, local weather and hotel events to guests via online channels, for driving customer loyalty and improving their experience.
  • In order to guarantee that hotels can provide their guests with the best possible level of service, the wireless solutions of Motorola Solutions support a wide range of applications, including wireless tableside ordering and payment, mobile check-in, mobile concierge, mobile asset tracking and mobile engineering staff, etc. Hotels can deploy these applications to improve supply chain efficiency and employee productivity and enable real time voice and data communication to deliver information and intelligence that has transformative value to decision makers. It is designed to help hotels deliver value-added services to their guests and obtain the highest possible ROI from their high-speed wireless networks.

Supporting Quote:

Michael Jiang, Chairman and President, Motorola Solutions China

“A flexible WLAN architecture that can quickly adapt to changes in RF conditions, data transfer models and security policy, is necessary for a secure, efficient wireless network that allows residents seamless access to audio and video applications. Drawing support from advanced wireless network architecture and solutions, as well as intelligent wireless network management, Motorola Solutions in 2012 helped many Chinese hotels to successfully improve the quality of their wireless networks and solve the problems that arise during the deployment process. In the future, we will continue to innovate and provide comprehensive wireless solutions for our customers in hospitality industry,, supporting them to bring high-quality hotel brands."

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