Firmdale Hotels Enhance Guest Experience through Greater Wi-Fi Access from Zebra Technologies

Zebra’s Wi-Fi solution enables simple and reliable access from virtually anywhere on the hotel property

BOURNE END - April 25, 2016 - Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in solutions and services that provide real-time visibility into organisations’ assets, people and transactions, today announced the deployment of Zebra’s Wi-Fi Roaming Assistance, a solution enabling voice calling over Wi-Fi for 3G and 4G mobile phone users at Firmdale Hotels worldwide.

Wi-Fi Roaming Assistance from Zebra allows mobile phone users to make voice calls through Wi-Fi without logging on to the establishment’s network. This is particularly helpful in locations where 3G or 4G coverage from a user’s mobile phone operator is insufficient. By integrating the solution into Firmdale’s existing WLAN network, Zebra is able to enhance the cellular network offered by the user’s mobile service provider. The solution is ideal for hospitality outlets seeking to improve their Wi-Fi offering and deliver a better customer experience in a competitive market. It is also beneficial for international travelers that don’t want to use data roaming while abroad.


  • Zebra’s Wi-Fi Roaming Assistance uses an existing WLAN network to implement the voice calling feature already enabled by the user’s mobile phone operator.
  • Zebra deploys its VX 9000 cloud controller and AP 7522 access point to ensure  centralized management of the entire WLAN network through a single windowpane and maintain a high-performance network at Firmdale Hotels.
  • Firmdale Hotels will offer Zebra’s Wi-Fi Roaming Assistance solution to their guests throughout their hotel network, in 10 locations including London and New York.



Mark Rupert Read, director of IT, Firmdale Hotels PLC

“At Firmdale Hotels, providing customers with the most satisfying experience possible is paramount. It is the attention to details like reliable, easy to use Wi-Fi that works without any additional fiddling that sets our hotels apart. Zebra’s Wi-Fi Roaming Assistance now allows our guests to stay connected when visiting any of our locations, meeting our high standards of excellence.”

Nick Kimber, sales specialist, Wireless Solutions, Zebra Technologies

“Consumers worldwide have adopted an always-on mentality, demanding fast and effective connection wherever they are. Zebra’s Wi-Fi solution allows our customers, like Firmdale, to stay one step ahead of this demand, giving everyone consistent access to mobile services no matter where they are.”


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