P4T Mobile Printers

The industry's only thermal transfer mobile printer, the P4T enables you to print long-life barcode labels and documents up to 4" wide where and when you need them, resulting in enhanced data and asset-tracking accuracy and improved workforce efficiency. Uniquely flexible, the P4T offers the advantages of thermal transfer image durability (barcode/text/graphics), wireless connectivity options and included direct thermal mode in a versatile variety of combinations.


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  • Ideal for LongLasting Thermal Transfer Labels

    Whereas Zebra's other mobile printers are direct thermal, where there is a heat triggered chemical reaction with the paper; with the thermal transfer printer - the heat actually transfers the image from the ribbon onto the label. This makes it great for long lasting labelling applications.

  • Thermal Transfer Longevity

    When paired with tested Genuine Zebra thermal transfer supplies, the P4T printer produces 2- to 4-inch wide labels or other documents that withstand harsh environments and offer archival longevity ranging from 18 months to up to 10 years in outdoor applications.

  • Versatile Uses

    The P4T mobile printer finds a ready home in manufacturing plants and warehouses, as well as retail store warehouses, outdoor garden centres, and distribution centres; and third party logistics warehouses.

P4T Mobile Printer

Industry's Only Thermal Transfer Mobile Printer

Optimised for applications where labels need to last an extended period of time in tough environments such as direct sunlight, extreme heat, chemical exposure, and more.

  • print width

    4.09”/104 mm

  • media roll outer diameter

    2.6”/66 mm O.D. on a 0.75”/ 19.1 mm I.D. core

  • print speed

    DT: 3”/76.2 mm per second

    TT: 1.5”/38.1 mm per second 

  • weight

    2.9 lbs/1.32 kg

  • durability

    IP34-rated for dust and liquid protection

    (IP54-rated with a protective case).

    5' (1.52m) drops to concrete multiple times

  • battery capacity

    4200 mAh Smart Lithium Ion Battery (7.4V)

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