Altru Specialty Pharmacy


Altru Specialty Pharmacy

Grand Forks, North Dakota/USA

M-300 in a box

Specialty Pharmacy Uses Zebra's Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) Solution to Monitor Medications in its Shipping Packouts

Altru Specialty Pharmacy serves people in North Dakota and parts of Minnesota. It began as a grassroots effort with one technician working in partnership with the PharmD, but has since grown to three technicians and three pharmacists.


After years of growth, Altru Specialty Pharmacy decided to explore the performance of its shipping packouts to make sure medications stay in their proper temperature range. Altru is commited to enhancing patient care and improving the overall health and well-being of its customers.



Altru turned to Zebra's Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) testing to monitor medications in its packouts. Zebra was able to prepare PPQ Reports showing medications inside the Altru packouts were staying within the proper range after being shipped to customers. The collected data helped Altru implement guidelines on how to properly pack and ship medications to patients.

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