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Enabling Better Experiences

Retail employee showing a customer the stock on a Zebra device in-store.

What makes for a great in-store customer experience?

62% of shoppers said retail associates equipped with the latest technology provide a better in-store shopping experience.

Drive Performance From In-Store to Their Door

On-demand and omnichannel are omnipresent — customers want what they want, when, where and how they want it. Zebra's retail technology solutions empower your associates to exceed customer expectations while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability. From tracking inventory and orders to product lookup, point of sale and more, our retail solutions help you create better customer experiences where it matters most — at the front line of your business.

Employee scanning a box using a Zebra scanner.

Customer Fulfilment

Nonstop Optimization for Any Operation

Customers can shop from anywhere at anytime. And whether your operations are e-commerce, brick and mortar or both, success depends on a supply chain that delivers on customer expectations in a complex omnichannel environment. Zebra's retail fulfilment solutions help streamline operations from picking and put-away to pick-up and delivery—ensure flawless fulfilment, whether it's shipped to a customer's door or picked up in-store.

Retail employee scanning a tag on an item in a store.

in-store Operations

Increase Efficiency in Every Corner

From the back of the store, to the sales floor, and everywhere in between, you need mobile solutions to empower your workforce and improve process efficiencies. Zebra's purpose-built retail solutions are designed to provide superior reliability, ease of use and insight into assets at every touchpoint—helping you create store operations that are smarter, faster, stronger.

Employee at a coffee shop accepting payment from a customer.

Customer Experience and Engagement

Elevate Your Customer Experience

To compete at the edge, you need to offer customers a superior shopping experience, data-powered service and real-time insight into product information, like inventory and pricing. Zebra's purpose-driven retail analytics technology puts performance in associates' hands—equipping them to delight customers with a personalised experience.

Employee in a grocery store scanning an item using a Zebra device.

Actionable Insights

Maintain Peak Performance That Drives Sales

Give your front line associates access to the data they need to take action with confidence. Zebra's actionable insight solutions help you create smart environments and provide you with the customer insight and intelligence to optimise performance—and exceed customer expectations.

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