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Employee using Zebra mobile device to scan products

Boost Inventory and Fulfillment

Inventory is your largest investment and critical for customer satisfaction. Understanding what best moves inventory to the customer on their terms not only enhances the overall shopping experience, but is indispensable for today’s customer experience. Optimized inventory management ensures you know which items are where and how much inventory is available, so your customers can get what they want, when and where they want it.

See How Zebra is Innovating Inventory Management

Retail associate checking inventory for customer

Optimize Inventory from Vendor to Shelf to Customer

Advanced analytics make it possible. Automation makes it practical. Zebra's deep understanding of retail workflows makes it easy to deploy and manage.

Retail associate checking stock on tablet device

Are You in Step With the New Realities of Retail?

Zebra Reflexis AI-powered, mobile solution provides the real-time agility you need.

Confident retail associate with arms crossed in retail apparel store

Maximize Inventory Performance at Every Level

Learn how Zebra Prescriptive Analytics translates your data into insights and actions with no need for you to sift through reports or guess which item to tackle first.