Inventory Counting

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Level Up Physical Inventory Counts

Gain real-time inventory visibility to better manage shrink, increase sales, and ensure your stores have the right products in the right stores at the right time. Zebra's inventory counting solutions help you achieve more accurate counts with complete visibility chain-wide. Zebra SmartCount™ is a self-scan physical inventory solution enabling faster and easier cycle counts for the most accurate, on-hands data for inventory allocation decisions and order quantities.

Effortless Improvement

Zebra's inventory counting solution manages shrink, optimises inventory and savings with a simple, out-of-the-box deployment. In fact, retailers using SmartCount have achieved cost reductions of 25% to 50%.

Frontline Guidance

Taking physical inventory counts is painful Let's take the disruptions, poor accuracy, difficult scheduling, and high costs from third-party services out with Zebra SmartCount. Put inventory control and savings directly in your stores' hands using your existing Zebra devices, or a SmartCount kit shipped directly to you.

Something For Everyone

Improve just about anything in retail inventory across both departments and stores — from associate errors to overt theft to mis-executed promotions and mispriced inventory — all with Zebra's integrated platform that scales with ease.

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Workflows and Technologies Being Utilized Storewide

Learn more about how workflows and technologies typically utilised within the warehouse are making their way to the front of stores inside the retail industry.

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