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RFID Journal: Feature Story

Zebra unveils The Modern Store by Zebra, a framework designed to help retailers engage associates, boost inventory accuracy and improve the customer experience (U.S).

Ris News: Byline

Sivakumar Lakshmanan discusses the similarities between the data revolution in football and the data-driven innovations retailers are adopting (U.S.).

NURSEJOURNAL: Feature story

Rikki Jennings shares how clinical automation can be utilized in nursing workflows to benefit patients and staff (U.S.).

Invision: Feature Story

Zebra expands its vision partner program to include products and solutions from Matrox Imaging (Germany).

VS40 on a manufacturing band scanning an item


Zebra's new Advanced Tier gives resellers access to the company's more advanced machine vision portfolio (Poland).

The Manufacturer: Byline

Stephan Pottel discusses how RFID and RTLS can be implemented to drive operational improvements in automotive manufacturing (UK).

Pambianco News: Feature Story

Zebra's SmartLens unlocks visibility for retailers (Italy).

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The Intelligent Enterprise

The convergence of Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and cloud computing have led to an operational paradigm known as the Intelligent Enterprise.

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Ted Partnership: The Next Wave

The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing a tsunami of change affecting the ways we interact with and adapt to technology.

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Vision Studies: Zebra's Latest Research Reports

Unique market insights, challenges and key trends transforming your industry.

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Zebra Webinar Hub

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Success Stories

Forza Cash Logistics Provides Real-Time Updates While Transporting Valuables

Drivers are equipped with Zebra handheld mobile computers to improve reporting accuracy and customer response times.


The footwear and apparel retailer simplified communication and labor scheduling with task management and workforce management tools.

Waitrose Enhances Shoppers' In-Store Experience With Self-Scanning

The company wanted to update its fleet of personal shopper devices to offer enhanced services to its customers.

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