Two New Corporate Presentations Available – More Coming Soon!

Global Marketing is delighted to announce the unveiling of two new corporate PowerPoint presentations. Available right now on the myZebra Brand Guidelines page are the presentations "Zebra Corporate" and "Zebra's Visible Value Chain."

"Zebra Corporate" is a high-level overview of who we are and what we do, including our company history, financial strength, extensive partner network, vertical markets served and the enabling technologies we offer customers. The "Zebra's Visible Value Chain" presentation explains the value we offer our customers through the Visible Value Chain. It also features three real-world examples of how Zebra and its partners have helped customers "see more, do more."

Both presentations are suitable for internal and external audiences,  including end user customers and partners. The presentations were developed specifically for global use and feature Zebra's new brand elements and photography throughout. There are slide-by-slide speaker notes to help presenters prepare.

We understand that these decks are a move away from the typical "bullets on a slide"-type of presentations. Current best practices informed this decision, explaining that for a truly compelling presentation, we need to appeal to people logically and emotionally. This is done through arresting images that help tell our story to the audience in a way that is memorable.

We very much want to hear feedback on the presentations from all of you. Please send your thoughts to . Keep your eye on myZebra for several additional corporate presentations coming soon, including manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, healthcare, government, location solutions and products.