LANPlanner - Network Planning Software

LANPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks for demanding applications in the most challenging environments.

By accounting for the number of users, the deployment environment, the technology to be installed and the applications in use — including wireless voice over IP — LANPlanner network planning software recommends placement and density of equipment for optimal performance and provides site survey tools for network validation and troubleshooting.

LANPlanner enables network planners to rapidly and accurately design robust wireless networks with the capacity, reliability, performance and infrastructure required for business critical wireless applications.

Create RF-Intelligent, Site-Specific Designs

  • Quickly load AutoCAD, PDF, JPEG, and any common building or site map file format.
  • Build a site-specific, RF-intelligent model of the wireless deployment facility using LANPlanner’s embedded RF Attenuation Library.
  • Graphically visualize the physical location and configuration of all installed network equipment.
  • Automatically generate bill-of-materials and maintenance records for use by deployment teams and in future network expansion.

Simulate Network Performance

  • Place network equipment and visualize wireless performance, including how applications and number of users will impact Quality of Service.
  • Realize the full benefit of 802.11n’s Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology by visualizing site-specific MIMO effects of the deployment environment in homogeneous 11n or mixed 11a/b/g/n networks.

Migrate to 11n Technology

  • Eliminate the guesswork of upgrading an existing 802.11a/b/g network to 802.11n with LANPlanner’s network migration wizard.
  • Visualize coverage differences in a “rip and replace” scenario upgrading from legacy equipment to 11n equipment.
  • Evaluate wireless performance in networks that include both 11n and legacy APs.

Customise Equipment Parameters

  • Use LANPlanner’s pre-installed access points and hundreds of antenna options.
  • Add, configure or change access points and antennas to meet the unique deployment requirements.

Obtain Automated Placement Recommendations

  • Define application throughput requirements, and LANPlanner software will make recommendations for the placement and settings of access points or sensors.

With LANPlanner's measurement module, users are able to collect real-world RF information and client performance statistics to improve the quality of their wireless models.

Import Site Survey Data

  • By integrating site survey data into network planning, users can compare the actual RF loss values in their deployment with the planned values and automatically adjust the deployment model.
  • Verify post-deployment network performance and visualize heat maps of measured data.
  • Visually locate and identify rogue access points and channel interferers.
  • Review QoS critical information such as RSSI (Received Signal Strength Intensity), SIR (Signal to Interference Ratio), SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), channel width, packet error, jitter and data rates.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of wireless networks by eliminating costly rework that frequently occurs with measurement-based network design.

LANPlanner network planning software seamlessly integrates with management software for visualizing, troubleshooting and maintaining the quality of service your team built into the design plan.

Easily Integrate with Network Management Software

  • Transfer network designs into AirDefense Infrastructure Management and Network Assurance Solutions.
  • Verify ongoing network performance and visualize heat maps of live data.
  • Identify areas with changes to user-defined parameters such as signal strength, noise, or SIR.

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