WiNG 5 Distributed Firewall

WiNG 5.5 dramatically increases security by extending protection right to the edge of your network. Every access point becomes a part of your firewall, preventing threats from entering your network unlike centralized WLAN architectures that allow threats to travel through your access points until they reach a controller, where they are finally terminated by a centralized firewall. In addition, the ability to extend firewall policy enforcement beyond corporate-owned mobile devices to personal devices that are owned by your workers helps enterprises drive mobile device costs down with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, without sacrificing data security.





  • Policy Enforcement for Role Based Firewall
    The distributed Firewall helps enforce policies include BYOD  at the network edge by defining access privileges based on user attributes, such as the device type and user location.
  • Distributed Stateful Layer 2/Layer 3 Firewall
    Every WiNG 5 access point is enabled with a stateful L2 / L3 Firewall, ensuring security at the network edge.
  • Multiple points of enforcement
    Firewall rules can be applied in the wireless LAN, ports, Virtual IP interfaces and roles.
  • Distributed Firewall Flow migration as client roams
    Ensure application continuity by migrating firewall state as clients roams from between access points.
  • Firewall Alias
    Simplifies firewall rule creation for distributed sites by providing name aliases for VLANS, Subnets, Hosts, Range (for IP address) and ports.
  • Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)
    Provides ALGs for seamless application performance.
  • Denial Of Service
    Prevents the wireless networks from approximately 25 DOS attacks, right at the network edge.
  • Storm Control
    Prevents a large number of multicast, broadcast and other similar types of packets from hogging the wireless network and reducing network performance.
  • IP/MAC conflict detection
    Prevents clients from spoofing MAC address and using static IP addresses.
  • DHCP Offer Conversion
    Converts broadcast DHCP offers to unicast, eliminating retries.

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