Omnichannel Fulfilment

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The Foundation for Profitable Click and Collect

Perfecting click and collect is no simple feat. In fact, it’s a complicated puzzle requiring the right systems are in place – and working together – to drive profit successfully. Zebra's fulfilment solutions provide you with the ability to deliver flawless fulfilment with Real-Time Visibliity, picking efficiency and accuracy, connected communications, task management and more. These solutions are essential in ensuring harmonious omnichannel fulfilment from the warehouse to store floors and ultimately to the consumer.

Maximize Your Real Estate

Retailers are reconfiguring the physical store to meet ever-increasing demands for multichannel solutions that support efficient, unified commerce. However, additional operations required to support click and collect add both cost and complexity, creating challenges to profitability. The right technology and solution partners can help reduce time spent and costs.

Elevate the Experience

Speed, simple collection, minimal queues, and consistency across touchpoints are essential to delivering best-in-class click and collect services. Your associates play a crucial role in maximising store performance and profitability as well. Enabling associates with powerful technology solutions makes their jobs easier and benefits you in countless ways.

Drive Profits and Results

Customer expectations are higher than ever, as they look for blended shopping experiences that are seamless, personalised and convenient. Zebra Omnichannel Fulfllment Solutions help enhance your store performance, increase enterprise-wide effiiciency and deliver better customer experiences, driving profitable click and collect.

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Zebra's Bundled Offerings

Zebra SmartCount™

Zebra's SmartCount™ is an inventory management system designed for retail providing real time inventory visibility, greater inventory accuracy and significant savings.

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Zebra SmartLens™ for Retail Asset Visibility

Zebra’s SmartLens™ for Retail Asset Visibility makes your store a smart store with automatic sensing of the location and movement of merchandise and assets and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence.

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