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Barcode Scanners

Speed Checkout, Control Inventory And Track Medications With A Robust Line Of Barcode Scanners Designed To Meet Every Need

With a Zebra scanner in hand, your workers can capture the data that matters most — as fast and as accurately as possible. And whether you need barcode scanning at your retail POS, at patient bedside, on the manufacturing production line or in the aisles of your warehouse, we have a scanner that is right for your environment and your application.

Barcode Scanners

Multi-plane Scanners

The MP6000 multi-plane bioptic imager enables your cashiers to capture virtually any 1-D or 2-D barcode in practically any condition with blazing speed – whether it is printed on a paper label or a plastic loyalty or gift card, or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone.

General Purpose Scanners

Our general purpose scanners are designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs, applications and budgets.

Fixed Mount Scanners

Combining superior 1-D/2-D scanning with plug-and-play simplicity, these devices are ideal for both standalone and OEM applications.

Rugged Scanners

Our rugged handheld scanners combine industry-leading data capture technology with an exterior virtually impervious to damage.

Healthcare Scanners

Prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity with our healthcare scanners, designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Companion Scanners

Our series of companion scanners enables enterprises to easily implement 1-D laser scanning where either mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is an inhibitor.

Discontinued Products

These products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale but here you’ll find information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your product.